Monday, January 2, 2017

Okay, I'll Be Going Then

    After a whole lot of deliberation, woolgathering, navel-gazing, and nosepicking (NOTE: that last had nothing to do with my decision.  I just had a few bats in the batcave, that's all.  Don't judge me.),  I've hit upon my resolution for 2017 (well, besides, waking up on January 1st, 2018.  That seemed to work pretty well yesterday, but I digress).

   While I've not been especially vexed by anything specific, I've
Or give up cliff-diving with cinder blocks.
I may give that up for Lent, though.
decided to drastically throttle back on my presence on social media for the upcoming year.  Hey, it was either that or go to the gym more often (and, by "more often," I mean "at all").

"What the all that getting my own
Instagram account talk was just that?  Talk?"

   Therefore, I will no longer be posting, commenting, "liking," or otherwise adding random bits of silliness (I'm talking to you, Bones) to my "Ken Lynch" Facebook account (I deactivated Al Penwasser's Facebook last month, that irksome rascal).

    In related news, I will also no longer be posting anything here on Blogger.  Probably not as drastic as it could have been, I suppose. After viewing all the hits I was getting from Russia, I considered deleting this account altogether.  Then, we'd never reconnect with each other.  At least with what I'm planning, I can still visit your blogs.

NOTE:  Any caption I could write
would probably gross you out.
So, I'll just leave it alone.
    So I don't go completely cold turkey, though, I'll continue a Twitter presence.  The good thing about Twitter is that, with a limit of 140 characters, I am less prone to suffer "diarrhea of the keyboard."  Get in, say what I have to say, and return to nosepicking.

That elevator thing isn't as popular as you'd think.
     I will continue to play "Words With Friends," "Trivia Crack," or "Farting in Elevators."  And, if anyone asks me a specific question on Facebook, I'll answer in Messenger.  Likewise, I'll continue writing my hideous books.  Even though they have not reaped a financial windfall, writing is a hobby I enjoy.

    Who knows?  Like every resolution known to man, I may stop this nonsense and return to spouting other nonsense.  But, for now, I'll be taking a little break.
"Son of a b...he couldn't have left sooner?"
    So long for now.  And try to keep the celebrating to a dull roar.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

  My 2016 Resolution is to wake up on January 1st, 2017.  

  Since I wrote this on January 2, 2016, I have no idea how that worked out.

Will I still look like this?

Or this?

Or did I wind up like this?

Although, if I would up like this, I probably wouldn't still be annoying my family.

But, if I did make it, can you keep it down?  After last night, I may have a headache.

"Good Lord, I'm gonna look like that!?
And here I thought crapping in a plastic bucket was degrading."