Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Repost (Not Really).

For the past six years, my "Thanksgiving Posts" have started like this...

      Oh, what a day it must have been!  
    The brightly colored leaves swirling madly amongst  the trees, the autumn wind blowing briskly, and the forest animals hustling about in preparation for winter.
    And nobody fighting over the remote.

"Try me."
    This was followed by a list of that which I am thankful for.  Oh no, don't get me wrong. Those still apply.  

    I'd even add, "I'm thankful that even Chris Christie couldn't eat every doughnut in the nation."

   This year, though?  I figured you've had enough.  Although (for those of you who care about this sort of thing), posting the same dreadful thing, year after year, can be pretty easy if you want to get credit for leaving comments.  

    I mean, all you have to do is see a repeat, figure that nothing has changed, leave what you think is a witty bon mot (they usually are) thinking you "got credit." and go on to read something original and entertaining by Pat Hatt.  That dude NEVER repeats anything.  Me?  Hey, Christmas is coming.  There'll be more repeats around here than at the dinner table at a Mexican restaurant.

    So, instead of hitting you with warmed-over leftovers (that comes Friday), I wanted to let you all know one of the things that I am very grateful for.

    Or should that be, ""One of the things for which I am most grateful"?

    NOTE:  I can't even begin to tell you how many bloody times I've used this tired, old line.

"And yet ye never larn, do ye now, boyo?
Knuckles, if you please, mister."

    In all honesty, and at the risk of sounding sappy and overly sentimental, I am grateful that I have some of the finest people in the world visiting Penwasser Place.  For some reason, your lack of mental stability and desire to feel better about yourselves by comparison keeps you coming back here.

    And I'm not even paying you.

    Because of Blogger, I feel that I have friends from Australia to
"Hey, have you been bogarting
the Wi-Fi to read Penwasser Place?"
"Death to America!"
"Clearly, but I need the computer
to call up some cat videos on 'You Tube'."
the United Kingdom.  Whether from Canada or Iowa, I feel honored by your presence.  Although, I gotta wonder who the heck in Russia and Iran is visiting.


"Not even a fruitcake?"
"No, Joe."
"I'll spit on it."
    Although you can sure that I'm not on the White House Christmas card list.  Incidentally, I'm also positive that won't change after January 20th.

    So, instead of mentioning you all by name (mostly because I'm sure I'd forget a couple by accident), thank you all for blundering into this asylum.  

    It's nice to tell perfect strangers, "Hey! I so do have friends!  Whom I've never met in person.  But, still!


    Before I go (hey, you had your chance), I'd also like to express my sincere thanks that there are people like Robyn Alana Engel, she of the Life By Chocolate blog, out there.  Even though we are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, I consider her one of the finest, most decent people that I know.  She is always respectful and possesses a keen wit and sharp intellect.  We should all emulate her humanity and downright decency.  

    Especially in the years to com.

    Because, you know...

"Because, can I be frank, I won, which is really something, although I'm going to need to spend half my time in New York even though they hate me but I love all the city lights and hustle and bustle and the fact that the vomit is frozen this time of year so you can't smell it even though, to be honest, I'm on the thousandth floor and couldn't smell it anyway or even see the hobos who are some of the most beautiful folks on the face of the Earth not the Middle East part of the Earth or anywhere frankly where I don't happen to be but that's fine, that's fine, because jobs...not Steve Jobs...wait, is he dead or is that Gates...anyway it's all fantastic you wait, except for Saturday Night Live or all those colored people on the cast of Hamilton...who was really a white guy who is also dead...well he'd be dead anyway but he got killed by some other guy named Aaron Burr who I think was part Mexican .  CHINA!"


    Seriously, you had your chance.

    Even though I promised no repeats, I have to at least repeat one of my favorite pictures and (if I may pat myself on the back) favorite captions.
"Really. Runs With Scissors, eel pie?
Couldn't bring a French Bean casserole like a normal person, could you?"

If I hadn't said it by now (I haven't)...


Like Canadian Thanksgiving.
But, with a four day weekend.  And football.

"And no horning in on my day."


  1. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for a year of laughs.

    1. You're definitely one of the folks I was thinking about.
      A very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. Yes, you can count me as a fan, a friend, and no I'm not in prison. I'm a PA Yankee stuck in TX, so I am crazy. Cheers and beers to you. Gobble Gobble, no eel pie.

  3. Are we allowed to use the racist meme on the same day? 'cause I totally did...

  4. You and Robyn are only on opposite sides of the political spectrum in America. In Iran, you're virtually in the same space. Don't go there to find out, though. They won't get the joke if you tell them that Robyn is your beard.

  5. Crazy is so much more fun. Plus having friends you never met means you don't have to kick them out of the asylum when they won't leave. Shut the computer off and see ya lol Who needs repeats when you're 400 posts ahead? Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. He could eat all the donuts in prison

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! Robyn is definitely awesome. And you are awesome. And we've never met either of you. So we're just kinda taking your word for it that you're awesome. Don't ruin this for us.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving. And the whole ending a sentence with a preposition thing? Totally okay. It's only wrong in Latin. Which we don't speak. (Also okay, splitting infinitives. Another Latin no-no, but perfectly good in English.)

  9. Hey man, online friends are real friends too. Enjoy the turkey.

  10. I am so thankful I found your blog because you can always put a smile on your face. You are right about Robyn as well. This is a great post and a great blog. hey, I was thinking of you last night because, on PBS, I watched 2 documentaries on the Oklahoma and The Arizona. I know you were not on these ships Dec 7th but I know your heart goes out to these men