Wednesday, April 20, 2016

'Q' is for...uh...'Q'

    Trying to come up with a 'Q' post can be quite daunting (hey, 'quite' starts with 'q'!  How 'bout that?).  It can be every bit as challenging as trying to determine what to use for 'X.'  After all, there's only so much you can say about 'Xylophone,' 'X-Ray,' or the 'X-Men.'

    Let's put it this way, thank goodness for 'Xerxes' (yes, this is a preview of coming attractions).
"You're welcome."

For when you're pressed for time.
    But, the letter 'Q' provides its own challenge for the...challenge.  Last year, I wrote a 'Q-Bert' haiku.  Likewise, I've written about 'Quakers' and 'Quickwood.'

    But, as anyone who's played Scrabble or Words With Friends knows, the letter 'Q' is a bit of a troublesome bugger.  Most of the time it has to be accompanied by another letter for it to even be a word.  Yes, yes, I know.  In that case, there are plenty of 'Qu' words, Mr. Wordy McWordface.  Just not as many as those for the snooty 'A,' 'T,' or 'M' letters is what I'm saying.

    However, there are a few 'q' words which do not require a 'u.'  In other words, occasionally 'q' will say "FU" (see what I did there?). So, as a service for those nerds who play the aforementioned word games, may I present:

Qaid:  A Muslim local administrator in Algeria, Morocco, or Tunisia.  Variant spelling-"Caid" (from "Alcaide")
"Did you know that?"
"No, jew?"
"You said 'jew.'"
"So I did.  Death to America."
Qi:  Chinese thing.  Something to do with bodily essence. 
"What? Like BO?"
Qintar:  Monetary unit of Albania.  I mean, who doesn't know that?
"So, that's what that 'Qintar Deal' thing at the Tirana McDonalds means?"

Qiviut:  Wool of a Musk-Ox.  Strangely, this is the only thing which makes sense.
"Sorta makes you want to respect me a little, huh?"

Qoph:  19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  
Variant spelling-"koph."
So you think you're special or something?

"So, turn your head to the left and qoph.  
What, like you're special or something?  
And have you called your mother?""
Q:  From Star Trek the Next Generation

Yeah, Words With Friends won't let you get away with playing just 'Q.'
You can try it in Scrabble, though.  If you're playing with stupid people.
Just watch out for Albanians.
"Hey, nice effin' hat, though, Q."

Yeah, who am I to call anyone a nerd?

"Hey!  Qi's not a word!"
"I read about it on Penwasser Place.  Look it up.  Dumbass."


  1. As usual, more brilliant knowledge to ponder!

  2. Quit while you're ahead. Love the Qi pic. Oh My.....Que?

  3. Qi I've used quite a few times in words with friends. Blah to that scary pic with it though.

  4. You once again impress me with your knowledge of my people. I've spelled "qoph", "cough." But what do I know? One of my besties always says, "After ju-yu (sounds like 'Jew')" when opening doors for me. As I walk through, I tell her "Before Catholic."

  5. Quality quirkiness, no question. Quelling my quickening pulse I quashed any quandaries I had about quaint posts when your quivering Qs quaked my otherwise quiescent quarters.

    Yes... I know how to mind my P's and Q's...

  6. The Quran is in the news a lot lately, and it isn't usually spelled with a "K".

    1. Just don't tick off the 'K' Muslims. They'll seriously eff you up.

  7. I have no queries about your q post.

  8. Qa qvery qentertaining qand qinformative qpost!

    (But why didn't I get red squiggles on "qa, qvery, and qand?)

  9. It's better than X and Z


    damn Scrabble

  10. More Q words are in the general vernacular than that scary X. I'll have to keep these in mind if I ever get dragged into another game of Scrabble.

    Liz A. from
    Laws of Gravity

    1. And X is often pronounced like a 'Z.'

  11. Ok interesting, at least some words begin with Q but generally speaking you can't have Q without U unless the word is like Qantas just saying

  12. I want to burn out my eyes from that Walmart q there but can't think since seeing that thing