Thursday, April 14, 2016

'L' is for 'Lurch'

    In a recent Captain Caption about John Kerry, Gorilla Bananas (of the japing ape Bananas) remarked that he looked like Lurch, from The Addams Family.  I certainly got the reference.  While I think Obama's Secretary of State and Folk Singers does indeed bear a resemblance to the huge Addams' butler, I think he looks more like Herman Munster.  Or Mr. Ed.  Or the superhero, "Mashed Potato Face" (NOTE:  there is no such superhero).
On the other hand, Gorilla may be on to something.
    That said, Gorilla gave me the inspiration for "L." 
Not just another pretty face
There was always Morticia Addams,
which upped the "hubba hubba" factor.
    Lurch, as stated above (I hope you were paying attention) was the butler in the The Addams Family, a television show on ABC during the mid-1960s.  Very similar to its main competition, The Munsters, shown on CBS in the same time slot,  the Addams were the type of family you'd rather not move next to (but, would be better than that bunch in the White House).

    I remember watching both as a child and, to be honest, I 
Plus, the Munsters had the hotter women.
But, there's that John Kerry connection.
preferred The Munsters.  

After all, those creatures were easily identifiable spoofs of monsters (hey, I think that's where they got the name!) from the big screen (a Richard Nixon character was shelved because producers felt it would terrify audiences).

    Plus, Herman cracked me up.

    But, the Addams Family was not without its charms.  One of those charms was Lurch.
"Hey, HEY!  I also married Moses, ya know.
Before I got green skin and married John Kerry."
    Played by Ted Cassidy, Lurch was the loyal, if sometimes bumbling, manservant who never failed to respond whenever a
He was also in Star Trek.  
Fun Fact:  "You rang" was replaced by "Beam Me Up."*
family member pulled on a hangman's noose, producing a huge gong.  His "You rang?" became a catchphrase which I still use.

NOTE:  This produces odd looks from people who have no clue why I think its funny.

    Cassidy's Lurch was the "Lurch's Lurch." I can't think of the role without thinking of him.  
"Crap!  Penwasser's on to us.
You may as well kill me now, Michelle."
    Hollywood, in their usual fit of 
"can't think of anything original" (if you think I'm wrong...The Force Awakens was nothing more than A New Hope), produced an Addams Family film in 1991.  In part because they wanted new characters and in part because Ted Cassidy was dead, Carol Struycken played the butler.  Never heard of him? Yeah, me neither.
"Never heard of me?
Yeah, I was the character who sucked."

    I used to confuse the character of "Jaws" with that of "Lurch."  

    Apparently, Mr. Cassidy was not the only hulking, grunting
I think Cassidy had a
 better dental plan, though.

  Richard Kiel played Jaws opposing Roger Moore's James Bond (incidentally, Moore was the absolute worst Bond.  And that's saying a lot when you consider George Lazenby).

    On the other hand, Richard Kiel is dead.  As is Ted Cassidy.  Coincidence?

    Then again, I think I can be forgiven for confusing these guys.  After all, as we've seen, besides the Herman Munster/John Kerry connection, people can be confused with other characters from either one of those shows.

I just calls 'em as I sees 'em.
    Anyway, thanks Gorilla for giving me the inspiration to "lurch" into 'L' for the Challenge!

    See what I did there?  I am so gosh-darned clever!

*NOT true


  1. I love Lurch and think he was the best one although I also preferred the Munsters and loved the Munsters movie.

  2. I haven't watched a single Bond movie to say which was the worst or the best.

    1. This is how I rank the Bonds (yes, I am that big a nerd):
      1. Connery
      2. Craig
      3. Dalton
      4. Brosnan
      5. Lazenby
      6. Moore
      So, you haven't see any Bond movies, huh? Look at you with a brain and everything! (i.e., good for you)

  3. Loved the Addams Family, though I'm not good at snapping my fingers along with the theme. Glad you did not leave us in the Lurch on L

    1. I could never snap the fingers on my left hand. Still can't. Guess I'm a genetic freak that way.

  4. Is that Ted Cruz next to The Count? Because Cruz being a vampire would explain a lot. I sadly missed out on the Addam's Family AND the Munsters. I didn't even know they were on at the same time. I guess TV has been doing the "everything is the same as everything" shtick for longer than anyone realises.

    1. It is. That's the problem with a blog outside the US ("Penwasser Goes International!"). You may not know all the specific characters in our fun house (for that, consider yourself fortunate).

  5. The Addams Family also had a mini Chewie, Cousin IT. Expected you to use him with the star wars rip off crack. They made 3 movies with the Addams Family, each one worse than the last.

    1. I considered a Cousin It and a Thing ("Thank you, Thing") reference. So much comedy, so little time.
      THREE??? Good grief!

  6. If you tell the three to "take it on the chin,"
    they have just the chin for it.

    1. They could eat lunch off those things.

  7. The Munsters definitely had better looking women. That last one of Ted Cruz and the count was hilarious!

  8. There is truly a resemblance - sad too, because I love the Muensters.

  9. Grandpa has a much nicer smile than Cruz. Ted Cassidy is dead? Bummer!

  10. I remember Lurch. He made me wish we had a butler.

  11. Cruz is definitely closer to grandpa than he was to the lead singer of Stryper...

  12. My mom loved Roger Moore as James Bond.
    Mr. Spud is an awesome superhero name. Have to be DC though. Not cool enough to be Marvel.