Saturday, August 1, 2015


"Hey, listen, I have some great news.  Because he wants to start editing his book, Penwasser is going to take the whole month of August off.  He'll be back around Labor Day, but just like the French disappearing for the whole month, we won't have to deal with h...excuse me?"

"Second times askings...who is this?"

    Yes, it's true.  Just like the French, I am going to take the month of August off.  My book, It's An Adventure, is ready for editing and I want to devote as much time as possible to it (rather than goofing around here-which I enjoy).  
"Wait.  Does that mean I won't
be able to get any French Fries in August?"

    I won't disappear entirely.  I'll still read your blogs and comment, but I won't be writing any original crap stuff until Labor Day.  Sure, I could populate the month of August with hideous reruns, but the Christmas season will be here before you know it.  Penwasser Place will be positively foul with rehashed pieces of crap genius as we celebrate the Season of the Yule Log.  

Someone said 'log'!"
    Besides, and you may not really believe this, I take my time with reposts to give you the very best crap material possible.

    So, until Labor Day (or thereabouts), I'm off on a sabbatical.

"Seriously, don't get too comfortable.
Penwasser will be back down there before you know it."