Thursday, December 3, 2015

Captain Caption LXXVI

Octo-Mom pays a visit to her OB--GYN...

Apparently, her tampons aren't very effective

  For those who do not know, "Octo-Mom" refers to Nadya Suleman (which I always thought sounded like a name of a character in "Lord of the Rings"), an American who gave birth to octuplets (meaning:  eight.  You're welcome) in January, 2009.  That was a long time ago, so some of you may not immediately get the joke.
Seriously, though, wouldn't it be way cool if she had eight arms?
But...then she'd spray ink all over the place.
Hmm...better think that through a little more.

  To give you some perspective, that was before I started Blogging (oh, those wonderful days!).
  Why do I make fun of her?  Well, it appears that she's a "celebrity-hound" who already had six children when she had eight more.  I call her "Uterus With a Head."

   So, if you're going to inject yourself into the limelight, I will poke fun at you.

"Boy, you can say that again."
-G. Coleman


  1. I can't look at photos of her pregnant. I feel very faint.

    1. I just want to run up there and poke it. It looks like a huge pimple getting ready to burst.
      But, then, I'd have eight kids and placenta all over me.

  2. Sometimes, just sometimes, I do think we should stop people from breeding.

    1. Kardashian, Bush, Trump, Whoopi...
      Yeah. I feel you.

  3. "Get me outta here! Get me outta here! I'm getting frigid!"

    PS There needs to be a "No more breeding ever!" law.

  4. Replies
    1. It might of been. Or it might of been that part octopus, part cat that wanders around your lil' ol' neighbourhood, sorry, "neighborhood"....

  5. I thought she would need a wheel barrow for her stomach when walking. Thankfully I never heard anyone say she has a glow about her.