Saturday, August 1, 2015


"Hey, listen, I have some great news.  Because he wants to start editing his book, Penwasser is going to take the whole month of August off.  He'll be back around Labor Day, but just like the French disappearing for the whole month, we won't have to deal with h...excuse me?"

"Second times askings...who is this?"

    Yes, it's true.  Just like the French, I am going to take the month of August off.  My book, It's An Adventure, is ready for editing and I want to devote as much time as possible to it (rather than goofing around here-which I enjoy).  
"Wait.  Does that mean I won't
be able to get any French Fries in August?"

    I won't disappear entirely.  I'll still read your blogs and comment, but I won't be writing any original crap stuff until Labor Day.  Sure, I could populate the month of August with hideous reruns, but the Christmas season will be here before you know it.  Penwasser Place will be positively foul with rehashed pieces of crap genius as we celebrate the Season of the Yule Log.  

Someone said 'log'!"
    Besides, and you may not really believe this, I take my time with reposts to give you the very best crap material possible.

    So, until Labor Day (or thereabouts), I'm off on a sabbatical.

"Seriously, don't get too comfortable.
Penwasser will be back down there before you know it."


  1. I don't believe those politicians have read this blog, but the man in the tutu is probably your No.1 fan. Would you have a souvenir for him if her turned up on your doorstep?

  2. I'm sure you'll be much more productive during your time off than the French.
    Edit, man, edit!!

  3. Edit away at your bay. The reposts will be here before you know it haha

  4. I know the truth - "sabbatical" back East means a trip down the shore. Edit away or ride bikes on the boardwalk. Edit away or eat pizza. Edit away and dip into the salt spray.. really mean you are going to edit your book? Excellent - have fun with it and good luck. We'll miss your posts (crap). See ya in the fall.

  5. I hope the editing goes well, and I look forward to your return. Take care.

  6. Aha and I shall wait until around "Labour" Day for your return. The French, in the meantime, are watching a bunch of folks slip through the Channel tunnel, destination, Kent, England. Be careful how you pronounce "Kent".

    Happy editing, y'all!

    Gary :)

  7. Putin: "Isn't he the guy who always takes selfies a lot?"
    Obama: "Yes..that's him. That selfie stick of his gives him lots of pleasure"
    Putin: "Weirdo"

  8. You're a man of ambition, talent, ribald wit, and I wish you the best with the editing. Congratulations on finishing another one. I'm impressed. How do you do it so fast? (I hope that's not what Mrs. Penwasser asks you, when she wakes up.)

    All power to you, my friend.

  9. I hope your sabbatical is a productive one. :-)

    1. I hope so. I'm sure drinking will be involved.

  10. Good luck with the editing!! I hate editing, I usually end up face down on the floor for hours at a time trying to come up with anything else to do before I finally manage to drag myself to the desk and get down to editing. The I'll get up 30 seconds later and go make coffee and come back in 3 days.