Monday, May 4, 2015

A-Z Reflections

    The 2015 A-Z Challenge has come and gone (actually, it was over Thursday, but I had a lot of goofing around to do this weekend).  Arlee Bird, founder of the blogging marathon, suggested we pen (or, more accurately, computer) a Reflections Post wherein we list everything we learned from bashing old and new followers alike throughout April (with time off on Sunday for good behavior).

    As you know, I chose to write a Haiku for every letter of the alphabet.  Oh, good grief and Uncle Willy, if you don't know that by now, where have you been?  Unless you're brand new to Penwasser Place.  In that case, welcome.  And may I suggest you review the past month for a moving tribute to Gary Coleman starring a Coleman cooler?

    Anyway, what did I learn?  In no certain order (mostly because I don't feel like doing the work of putting anything in a certain order).....

1.  Writing Haikus is hard.  And writing haikus while hard is pert near impossible.
2.  Actually, writing haikus isn't especially difficult (none of that hard nonsense).  Five syllables, followed by seven syllables, followed by five more syllables.  Find an appropriate picture-VOILA! (NOTE:  Snooty French word for Ta Da!), put on delayed post, and read posts from talented Bloggers.  Ta Da!
3.  But, conversely, making these haikus funny is kinda hard challenging.  I hope I succeeded in that regard.  Except for that ISIS one.  That wasn't meant to be funny.  And the ones which had my picture in them.  I was kinda skeeved by them, too.
4.   Cherdo and I share the same musical tastes.  I'm not sure this is a good thing, from her perspective.  But, I always enjoyed visiting the musical artists she presented (well, their songs anyway).  They made me nostalgic for the days of polyester clothing, brown hair, and the girl who broke my heart.  That bitch.  NOTE:  Cherdo is not the girl who broke my heart.
5.  I don't know how Pat Hatt does it, day in and day out.  I write twenty-six loser haikus and I'm bushed.  Oh, there's that talented blogger thing again.
6.  I learned more about Martha Stewart than I ever care to learn ever again.  Thanks, Robyn!
7.  Gary Coleman is definitely dead.
8.  I learned a LOT about Texas from Joanne.  No wonder I want to go there.  Yee ha!
9.  I learned that I'd like to drink a beer with Bushman.
10.  I'd also like to drink a beer with Jenny...and Julie...oh, hell, I'd like to drink a beer with any of you.
11.  I was very happy to see the return of Elsie and Mich.  Thanks, ladies!  Are you sure you want to stick around?
12.  Birgit knows a lot of depressing Hollywood stories.  But, I loved learning about them.
13.  Ruth is much more talented than she gives herself credit.  That she is one of my followers casts doubts on her sense of judgement and good taste, though.
14.  Reading and commenting on everyone's posts is a lot of work!  Good thing I don't have a job.
15.  I wish I had half the energy of Manzi.  And all of her good looks.
16.  The picture of Joe Biden at the window?  Comedy gold!
17.  Stephen?  He's a talented writer and artist!  Me?  I'm a talen...okay, I can't make that hold up.
18.  I hope I never do anything to get me in the news because Chris will tell you about it.  Unless I tell you first.  I'm goofy that way.
19.  Like the one of the VP, that picture of Richard Simmons?  Comedy gold!
20.  The only problem with doing the A-Z Challenge is that my hands are tied with commenting on breaking events.  Like, did you know that some people give Kim Kardashian a chance at being president?  They'd have to bulldoze the Oval Office to make room for her keister.  But, it would be funny to call it the "Kanye West Wing."
21.  Speaking of, Bruce Jenner says he's a woman.  Which is more than Chaz Bono can say.  
22.  MORE Comedy Gold!  That picture of Gary, Christian, and the fellas strutting about in their tightey-whiteys.
23.  Adam has forgotten more than I'll ever know.  But-and I kow he's probably explained this-what the hell is a Neko Random?
24.  I'll more than likely meet none of you.  This is a good thing from your perspective.
25.  I am positive I've missed more than a few of you.  Please accept my apologies.  And a canned ham.
26.  The "strikethrough" feature kicks butt!
27.  It's a good thing Xerxes lives in Persia because, the way he's dressed, he'll catch his death of cold.
28.  Check that.  Moot point.  Xerxes is dead. 
29.  Many of you never heard of Q-Bert.  That's okay.  Because Q-Bert kinda sucked.
30.  Julie Garcia juggles more balls than a circus full of clowns.  Or a urologist.  Well, now, that's an unfortunate image.
31.  Apparently, when I die, I can have my ashes put in a dildo.  That way, Mrs. Penwasser will be reminded of me.  But, if it's bigger than a chapstick, she'll know it's all a sham.
32.  Mark is my favorite Englishman.  And is the one responsible for getting me to publish on Create Space!
33.  Typing in all these links is a lot of work.  Thank goodness about that job thing.  Please click on and patronize these fine bloggers.  They deserve your business because they're that good.  And they deserve your pity because I follow them.
34.  And finally (yay)...
When Writing Haikus
The One Line You Can Count On
"You're right, Al!
My Godzilla really does suck!"
Thanks for visiting!  
Penwasser Place will be back in a few days! 

By all means, click on Diana Ross and the Supremes' version of Reflections.
Gotta be better than this one.

Okay, upon further review, it looks like the video probably won't play.  
you can find it on You Tube.  It really is quite good.  Cherdo would be proud.



  1. Al, your haikus were hilarious! I so enjoy your humor every single day whether in the form of a haiku or not.

    1. Haikus were short, though.
      They're a lot like me that way.
      Except I'm not Japanese.
      But, dinosaurs scare me.

  2. Links are hard work? Welcome to my world!
    Your theme was great (no I couldn't write those while hard either) and you have a twisted sense of humor.. This Ninja approves.

    1. Some people look at things and ask themselves: why?
      Other people look at things and ask themselves: why not?
      I look at things and ask myself: I wonder if I could make a fart joke out of it?

  3. That is a lot of links. But hey I was included and given a great honour. I've enjoyed the haikus Al and I hope the people drawn in by them stick around for a spell.

    1. I hope they do, too.
      I hope you stick around, too.

  4. Haikus were a lot of fun indeed. Geez, this post was longer than all 26 of them put together haha that cat just stays ahead and avoids such overload dread. Not sure if I ever figured out what Neko Random meant either. Or I might have and forgot

  5. Man, you underrate yourself badly. There isn't a dildo in the world that could hold all your ashes. Well, maybe an elephant dildo.

    1. Well, some people DO call me a big dick.

  6. A good reflection and boy did that month go by fast. Just like my life of late. The haikus suit you well. You're choking me this morning with, for instance.......handling more balls than a urologist. lmao
    A paramount post.

    1. Balls.
      Even the word makes me giggle.
      I'm so immature.

  7. You done good, mate! I'm looking forward to that beer! Thanks for the nod!

    I think you underestimate some of us actually being in awe of your Haiku talents. I for one can safely say, better you than me… I am a winger - themes are for those that actually know something! Ergo, you rock!

    Cheers, Jenny (can you hear the glass clinking)

    1. Winging it can be refreshing. After all, it's pretty much what I do all year around this place.

  8. Reflections comedy gold. I am glad I did visit you every day for the pics and the haiku. Awesome. Thanks for stopping by Texas - like I said, bring snake boots and sunscreen - you'll be fine. Great job and I shall continue to enjoy Penwasser World.

  9. You and Cherdo certainly outdid yourself in the reflections, bravo! BTW, I've had so many Pennsylvanians (mainly from Philly) on MWN, I think you'd just blend in anyway. And if you retired to Florida, you're covered there too.

    1. Philly-more than cheesesteaks. We have a lot crazy people, too.

  10. I enjoyed your A-Z Challenge and can't wait to see what you do next year. Okay, I guess I can wait!

    1. I may go back to a history theme. But, thankfully, there's a lot of time between now and then.

  11. Al, your Haikus were outstanding and the highlight of the week. You are so dang funny (Hubzam thinks so, too).

    Thank you for the clarification on the broken heart, ha ha.

    You SURVIVED the A-to-Z!! Go get your badge (or icon or whatever) and display it proudly. It's huge, FYI.

    1. Yeah, she stomped on it and cast me aside like an old shoe.
      The good news is that everything worked out just swell.
      Mrs. Penwasser may argue that point, though.

  12. You've written your Reflections post in the true spirit of your hilarious Haiku poems! This A to Z was especially fun, because I followed many of the wonderful bloggers on your list. Thanks for the shout-out, and for putting me in good company with Jenny. My only regret is that I'll never be able to use chapstick again.


    1. You've become one of my "regulars."
      Yeah, that's probably depressing.

  13. So the one year I don't get to any AtoZ blogs until May, you do haiku?! Well, at least way I got to read all your haiku at once. Well done, Al. Well, "done," anyway.

    Of course, if you feel you might still have more haiku in you, my annual haiku contest doesn't end until Thursday afternoon...

    1. I Should Check It Out
      Writing Haikus Is Great Fun
      Not Much Thought Involved

  14. Interesting reflections! Congrats on completing the challenge.

  15. You've done a reflection post. I haven't. You're officially a harder worker than me.

  16. Say it isn't so, Al. Gary lives on.
    I loved your reflection post, and I'm honored to have been mentioned. I also loved your challenge posts. It was my favorite visiting spot.

    Martha asked if you're single. I said "Nope" and she cursed up a storm. I got your back, buddy. It's not a hairy one, is it? I don't like hairy backs.

    Have a good break. You're one of the best.

    1. My back isn't hairy.
      Gary isn't really dead. As long as we remember him.
      I think McCoy said that about Spock. Works here, too.

  17. It's a good thing you said you were happy to see me back on Blogger (and I'm glad to return) because insulting Q-bert! That's fightin' words, man! I spent dozens upon dozens of quarters on that game at an arcade at the mall in NY. Dozens! Upon dozens!

    (Yes kids. We had to leave the house to play video games. Decent ones anyway…)

    1. We're all the big kids hogging Pac Man, Frogger, and Donkey Kong?

  18. Good God man, you learned a lot.

    The only thing I learned was the damn alphabet...finally after all these years!

  19. Your life is one continual learning curve, Al, with a few blow-outs along the way!

    1. Not as many blow outs as I got when I was in my 20s.
      Oh, wait, that was a TIRE allusion...?
      Never mind.

  20. Thank you for the shout out. Yes my Hollywood tales were slightly sad and all are dead save for 2 who aren't dead yet. I loved your Haikus and could never do that.

    1. I really learned a lot over at your place.
      For example, what price fame?

  21. Just now getting around to visiting. Great reflection post! Congrats on completing the A to Z Challenge! Looking forward to next year! See you on the Road Trip!


  22. Hello there.
    Congratulations on completing the challenge! I didn't get to visit your blog during the crazy month of April so I'm popping over today from the Road Trip/Reflections linky.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess