Monday, May 20, 2013

We Interrupt Our Program

" blog!
And get rid of this swelling on my forehead.
I look like Popeye's son.
If Popeye's son was the frikkin' Elephant Man."
 Ladies and gentlemen and all the ships at sea,

    You may have noticed I haven't been around all that much lately.
    I've been overcome by life and can't visit here as much as I'd like.  A fairly significant family event has occurred which has taken me to Virginia twice in the past week.  As much as I enjoy visiting the Old Dominion (and the chance to buy beer in a supermarket...something you can't do in Pennsylvania.  I think it's an Amish thing), I would just as soon not have gone.
    That, combined with my job, the fact that I umpire several softball games a week (Translation:  I get yelled at several times a week ) and my other blog for a local news organization (for which I get paid just as much as I do for Penwasser Place), means my blogging here has taken quite a hit.
    I fully expect things to turn around eventually.  Probably sooner rather than later.  My trips to Virginia have come to an end, the end of softball draws near, and my job will soon terminate (NOTE:  This is probably not a good thing, fiscally speaking).  At any rate, things could get back to normal really quick.  I plan on visiting your blogs as much as I can and will write hilarious commentary (or the crap I usually do) as soon as possible.  At the very least, I'll post pictures which tickle my funny bone.  
    Or some porn.  
    Everybody loves porn.

    Except nuns.

    Well, maybe nuns.
    Hopefully, you won't notice much of a change.
    In any case, I just wanted you all to know.

best fishes,


  1. Midget porn, that's what you need.

  2. Sometimes real life gets in the way of our blogging! That sucks! Do what you gotta do and shag ass back here...

  3. Heckling the ump is my favorite sport!!!! I bet you are great.

  4. Real life can sure get in the way, hope all gets back to crazy soon

  5. Looking forward to having you back. :)

  6. Real life can be a pain hope all settles down at your lane

  7. Virginia - can anyone escape her pull? I'd like to meet a nun called Virginia and show her some porn while we discuss whether eating fish is better than sex.

  8. Nun porn. I've seen it. A bit religious for my tastes.

  9. Don't worry too much Al, we know how much you'd like to be here more, you're posting a good bit anyway so don't feel bad, the laughs are still coming in, hope all is good!

  10. Nothing wrong with letting life sweep you away every now and then. I feel like it's better to be busy with lots going on that sitting around bored out of your tree with nothing to do.

    Nuns love porn.

  11. Writing porn isn't as easy as you'd think. I know, I've tried.

  12. Unacceptable! Only I can make excuses why I'm too lazy to blog. Damn it I just gave it away!

  13. Sometimes porn is more important than blogging. And that's ok.

    Ahhhh... Who am I kidding. Porn is ALWAYS more important than blogging!



  14. Porn you say now that has made me blush........I don't know what porn you bleieve me............of course you do I am such a tender soul and so naive just like

  15. You haven't been blogging much lately? Can't say that I noticed.

    Seriously, I fish you the very best. And yes, I'm going to search for 'prawn' on the internet.

    Gary :)

  16. hope things settle down for you soon. Life does get busy. I think we all understand that

    Hugs for you

  17. Whatever is going on Mr P. I hope you know that there are many people out there who wish you only good.

    Do what you need to do. We'll be here waiting.


    1. Thanks. There are some not-so-good things going on, but life is beginning to settle down now. Should be back to normal this weekend.