Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Z is for Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah

The A-Z Challenge is over!! 

    Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-a-Dee-A, my, oh, my what a wonderful day!  Plenty of sunshine heading my w....HEY, WAIT A MINUTE!

    Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah is one of the most popular songs to come out of Walt Disney's Song of the South.  Released in 1946, this film combined live-action with animation as it told the Uncle Remus stories against the backdrop of the Reconstruction-era South.

"It's really not all bad, chiddren.  
Whyyyy, they'll let Jackie Robinson play
major league baseball
in only about 70 years!"
    Riggghhhht.....after slavery.  That explains why everyone looked so happy.

Even so, Reconstruction clearly wasn't 
any great shakes, either.
    It came under quite a bit of criticism for its depiction of Uncle Remus and others as a slap-happy group only too willing to work the fields and regale children with stories of such characters as Brer Rabbit, a sort of low rent, aw-shucks Bugs Bunny.

    None of this should have come as a surprise.  After all, it was released in a country which still had "Colored Only" water fountains, separate toilet facilities for The Help (now go see that movie), and Jim Crow laws which mandated racial segregation.  In the South!

    NOTE:  Let's be clear, the North wasn't a paradise, either.
This was in Detroit, Michigan
    So, I hope you'll excuse me if I don't use the above as an expression of relief that the challenge is over.

    Instead, I'll just say....
Yeah.  Took a lot out of me.
    Penwasser Place will return in about a week (except for the return of Facebook Funnies on May 2).  Over the course of the past month, I hope you learned a thing or two.  I know I did.  For instance, who knew Afghanistan was such a crappy place (well, ok, pretty much everyone), Michelangelo's David had such big...hands, the flags of Scandinavia all look suspiciously alike, or that a male sea slug loses his penis after only one round of "happy time" (I thought that only happened to Bruce Jenner.  But, at least he fathered more than one Kardashian girl.  Now don't you wish he was a sea slug?).

   See you in a few days.  I need to shave.  And get some hair plugs.  And do something with those frikkin' eyebrows.


  1. Actually I am sad now. Can you try an Alpha to Omega challenge and keep em coming?

    Welcome back home and OK you can have a rest, if you must.


  2. I never realised it was set in the Reconstruction Era. Weren't the southern whites extremely pissed and forming social clubs like the Ku Klux Klan at that time? Anyway, nothing will ever beat the Chevy Chase spoof in Fletch Lives.

  3. Hope you get your eyebrows trimmed! Enjoy your break!

  4. Jeez Your hair grows fast. Thanks for all your enlightenment with the humorous history. This has been one fun run in spite of my having to miss some posts because I was always playing catch-up. Enjoy your hair-cut.

  5. One song I think all know the first bit too at least, now go get a hair cut.

  6. I just know that song from Foghorn Leghorn.
    Congrats on the challenge!

  7. One song that can sure get stuck in your head, congrats on getting it done, even with some rhyming underwear fun. Agree with the rest, go get a haircut lol

  8. What should we expect? Uncle Remus was invented by a white guy named Joel Chandler Harris and all these stories depict is a white version of the South.

  9. There definitely is a bit of a racist tinge to that film but it sounds fun and the song is oh so catchy. I've learned so much from your challenge Al, absolutely loved everyone of your posts mate. Enjoy your much earned week off, thanks so much for all these awesome posts man.

  10. This is a Disney film I never saw, apart from clips showing him singing Zippydee whatever.

  11. Omg... Now it's stuck in my head....




  12. You know... I was just thinking it's really time for me to visit the lady at the "ancient eyebrow threading" place in the mall. This A-Z takes a lot out of me. My posts for the next two weeks will all be "what you missed in April". Which is good, because my blog is the only way Tony knows what the heck's going on with me, and it's the only place I have to vent. I've been a wee bit cranky lately...

  13. Congratulations, Al. You did a stellar job, and I expected no less from you. (I'm sure you hear that from Mrs. P all the time.) Thanks for the informative entertainment, and for not re-posting a Gary Coleman picture or mentioning him a third time. Funny that you mentioned Bruce Jenner. I'm expecting him momentarily for an interview at my blog.


  14. If you head over to my studio I'll wax that unibrow for you... then we'll go for a beer (or 3) and sit back and congratulate ourselves for a hell of a good run! As it is I'm pulling back on a bit of Bombay Gin; raising it to you, my friend.

    Enjoy a few days off! Me... I'm still milking my dry cow! hahaha


  15. Zippy do da.........zippy day............my oh my what a terrible day, cold and windy and not much shine zippy do da zippy day.......

  16. My husband, before I met him or maybe I just met him, anyway it was a long time ago, drew this caricature of this person, big nose, big eyes, long head....anyway...he named it "Zip-pay Dee-day Doo-dah." This is what I see and think of when I see "Zip Dee Do Da". Now I'm going to have that freakin' song stuck in my head all day!

    1. I've called my brother, "DOODAH" ever since he was a baby.
      Funny. He's not a sharecropper. Not does he know anyone called "Brer Rabbit."

  17. Good job sticking it out! One of these years (I keep saying).

  18. A powerful end to another excellent run! Even when you tried to be Lazy, your picture was worth more than 1000 words! I guess I won't be whistling that tune anytime soon!