Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein - "Who's Brain Was it?"

I just finished reading Life By Chocolate in which Robyn Engel wrote Brain Quest for the IWSG (titled Brain Quest: IWSG.  Golly I could have saved myself a whole of trouble if I had just written that).  By all means, click on the link above.'s highlighted.  

It's well-written and enjoyable.  Unlike any of the crap you'll see here.  Tell Robyn I sent you.  That way she knows who to blame.

Anyway, it inspired me to have a look at one of my favorite scenes from Young Frankenstein (which is one of my favorite movies, apart from Caddyshack, Booty Call, and Squanto-Friend of the Pilgrims.)  So, rather than go outside and do something constructive (like cut the grass), I thought I'd call it up on You Tube.  

Like Donald Trump's hair, it never fails to make me laugh.

So, if you have less than a couple minutes, have a look and see if you agree.  But, if you have less than a couple minutes to live, don't bother.  Make the most of the time you have left.  Do something which involves you getting naked.

Well, better go mow the lawn (which, sadly, is not a euphemism).  


  1. HA! I loved that movie and it still cracks me whenever I see it, or even think of it.

  2. Isn't there a line in that movie where Igor says in response to a question, "What hump?" I seem to recall really laughing at that.

  3. I loved Robyn's post myself Al. She's such an elegant, hilarious writer that I never miss a post over at her place, a bit like your own blog with occasional slips from elegance to awesome madness :P I'm with you on Trump's hair and that scene too!

  4. He Vas My BOYFRIEND!

    That;s MY favorite line in YF

  5. Mel Brooks has done some good films, and Young Frankenstein was certainly one of them.

  6. Only one of the best ever comedic movies ever ever! I adore Brooks' sense of comic intelligence... it takes a smart man so put together something that seems so dumb! WHen the horses whiney every time someone says the name Frau Blugckhhah, I almost pee myself. And I have been watching this movie for decades now.
    See also:
    Blazing Saddles.
    Now how come our parents sat us down in front of the t.v soo young and let us watch that. Total adult topics... Oh yeah, it was a loong time ago, when pregnant women were encouraged to smoke and have wine. And I'm fine... RIGHT!??!!?


    Ah, yes - brilliant film with a wonderful cast. My fave scene is the "Putting on the Ritz" song and dance number. LOVE IT! (Oh, and Madeleine Kahn was just...AMAZING. As always, really.) :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  8. Between you and Matthew, Al, I'm turning beet red. It has nothing to do with the fact that I just ate a bowl full of sliced beets (I really did) and spilled beet juice on me (that part I didn't really do). I love ya, and this movie. I only own a few movies and this is one of them. Every scene is hilarity at its best. For some reason, the scene with the big knockers (on the door) stands out for me...I'll need to watch it again soon, thanks to you.

    Thanks for the shout-out too. Now go mow the lawn naked. ;~)

  9. Damn! Hubby is watching TV right now and I know what part this is too...I'll be back because this is my favorite part too - along with "Put the candle back". Now I have to watch this movie because, well, Al, my kids mowed our yard today LOL

  10. hahaha yeah great movie indeed, seen Caddyshack as well the other two never saw, if the third is even real haha

  11. @Pat: It's a classic, for sure. I can't think of a single low spot in it.
    @Stephen: You're right. Doctor Frankenstein said something about being a brilliant surgeon (or something like that) and offers to do something about Igor's hump. Which prompts the response...
    @Matthew: Trump and his hair. Now THERE'S a real horror story.
    @Mary A: Hard to pick a favorite line from that movie. Just think of the response you'd get if you ever said "Frau Blucher."
    @Mark: Blazing Saddles was good, but it was kinda mean. I still liked it a LOT, but YF was the best. Believe it or not (given my sense of humor), my least favorite (and one I walked out on) was "Spaceballs." It just seemed like he was trying too hard. Although I did like "May the Schwartz Be With You."
    @Violet: And Dad cut out the seatbelts. If the car even had any. The campfire fart scene in Blazing Saddles was hilarious.
    @Mina: And it's the number one reason why I can NEVER hear a serious rendition of "Putting on the Ritz" without saying "Super Duper" like the monster. I can also NEVER hear classical music without thinking of Bugs Bunny.
    @Robyn: I tried, but the ruts in the yard made everything jiggle. And that hurt. Plus, the squirrels made fun of me. And that hurt worse.
    @Elsie: Poot...ze...cahnduhl...beck!!"
    @Pat: I own Caddyshack, too. It really depends on my mood which I like more. Like Young Frankenstein, too many memorable lines..."This is my buddy, Wang. No offense."

    Okay, everyone, I'm off to Rhode Island tomorrow for a couple days of camping, cooking over an open fire, hiking scenic trails, and peeing in the woods. I won't be able to read/comment until Sunday. But, I do have a couple delayed posts. So, it will be like I never left. Just a LOT quieter. "See" you Sunday.
    ATTENTION POTENTIAL BURGLARS: Mrs. Penwasser said "Are you out of your frikkin' mind!!?? I'm not going camping in the GD woods!!!!" TRANSLATION: "While a scenic idyll in one of our nation's lovely parks sounds delightful, I'm afraid I cannot accompany you this time,. But, many thanks for your gracious invitation. I will remain at home, instead."
    So, if you think you want to rob me, Mrs. Penwasser, young Cal Penwasser and the nutless canine, Pal Penwasser will be home. And one of them bites.

  12. "I will not get angry." Classic movie. Looks like I may have to dig that out of the the pile of flicks I've stored on the external HD. Thanks for sharing.

    Caddyshack. Great flick. I have an idea that when I get the time I am going back into the vault for some good times.

    Hope you return home and find you digs all there.


  13. I also loved Young Frankenstein, and even saw the musical! It was playing here a few years ago at the same time the Addams Family musical was in town. Though the production was wonderful, everyone flocked to see the Addams Family instead. We had fantastic seats, and the star of the play (the evil pharmacist from Desperate Housewives) thanked the audience for choosing Young Frankenstein over their competition. I hope they don't steal your computer, so you can see this when you come home. After reading this, you'll probably wish they had! Hope you don't run into anyone from Deliverance! Have fun! Julie