Monday, July 16, 2012

While I'm Away, A Picture

No arms.
No legs.
No penis.
Twelve-pack of Bud Lite.
One angry bird.


  1. Think you might have a problem there

  2. I'd hate to be that bird, no wonder they're called angry Al haha.

  3. Yeah that really would cause one angry bird.

  4. on a side note, I'm amazed of all the mechandise coming off the franchise now. I did see a really cool AB alarm clock at the mall.

  5. Gonna have to hold it for a very long time.

  6. You mean one "pissed off" bird! Ha ha

  7. No matter how many birthdays you have, Al, you will always be 12 years old to me!

  8. Having that angry bird around would make it even more difficult to potty train someone.

  9. This begs the question: Is the angry bird is angry because he doesn't have a penis?


  10. Hahaha, there is always sweating it out.

  11. @Mynx: What? You kidding? I have legs. The bird can go scratch.
    @Matthew: Maybe he should be a "Pissed Off" Bird, instead? Oh, wait, Pat said that a few comments from here. Good one, Pat!
    @Mark: That, and the tag hanging off his head.
    @Adam: You know what that means, don't ya? I'm going to the mall today!
    @Pat: Problem is, he has nothing to hold. Remember: no penis.
    @Pat II: Your comment was so good, I answered Matthew the same way without reading your comment. Is plagiarism even possible on Blogger?
    @Mary A: And that's what keeps me young. Goodness knows, that Chinese "Anti-Wrinkle Cream-Now With Less Piss!" isn't doing the trick.
    @Stephen: Thank goodness we have another bathroom. That damn bird is still in there.
    @Robyn: Well, wouldn't you? Oh...wait a're a girl of your gender so that's kind of non-applicable in your case. You don't seem angry to me. Never mind.
    @Nellie: The only problem with that is that, if you sweat it all out, nobody would want to stand next to you. Especially in an elevator. Flies would be your friends, I suppose, though.

  12. Sucks for him.
    And he can't even do anything! Launch him and all he does is crash into things. Can't explode, or go faster or drop bombs....just smacks into what ever he's aimed at.
    Yeah, no wonder he's angry!

    1. And all that smacking around would make my bladder burst.

  13. Haha! No wonder he's got that look on his face.

  14. Maybe it is not an angry bird, maybe it is a man-eating bird. Maybe.

  15. Love the imagination behind this image, Al! Poor penis-less angry little bird. LOL

    Hope you had a fabulous time on your road trip! :D

  16. @Dana: I'd look the same way. Except I'd be hopping up and down. Oh, forgot. No legs.
    @CrackYouWhip: That would explain the no penis part.
    @Susan: Mrs. Penwasser got the thing for her birthday a few weeks ago. I kept staring at it, knowing that something funny was there. But, all my staring got the family very worried.

  17. I was told by a doctor that angry birds have penises (or is it peni, like cacti?)

  18. Maybe he/ she is just constipated! I can't wait to hear about your trip! Julie

  19. @PTM: Except the spines are on the inside. That's why they're angry.
    @Julie: Reminds me of a, wait. That's just too gross. Even for me.