Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Today's Olympics Update

"Oh, yeah??  Well, I'll trade you those trampoline tickets for Romanian Air Rifle. Sheesh, kayaking would be better than this!!"


  1. I just can't understand why anybody would like to go to some of the more boring events such as trampoline, I wouldn't go unless I was paid and apparently they were really expensive for tickets too. Best of luck to the USA team this year Al, Britain are getting nothing it seems so I need a backup plan haha!

  2. Why is trampolining an Olympic sport?

    Did ya ever hear of the ancient Greeks jumping up and down on stretchy sheets?

  3. I hear the ancient Greeks used to do the Olympics naked.

    I bet that would generate more ticket sales... and there would likely be a mob scene to get into women's trampoline. :)

    Now... there's an image for ya....

  4. I'm tellin' ya if they made pole dancing an Olympic Sport there would be standing room only in those bleachers!!!!

  5. They do look extremely bored. I wonder if they were actually watching anything.

  6. Naked trampolining?! Where's my debit card?

  7. @Matthew: Yeah, at least if you go see a baseball game, you get peanuts, a hot dog, and a foam finger. Plus, a nap.
    @Symdaddy: I think they even ran against each other naked. Talk about a pole vault.
    @Juli: Wow, what I just said. The root (hee hee hee...I said 'root') for the word 'gymnasium is 'gymnos' which means naked. Or something like that. Naked womens' trampoline. Yeah, I'd pay to see that. If only to see the "gifted" ladies give themselves black eyes.
    @JKIRF: You mean pole dancing with lady competitors, right? No way I'd pay to see some dude dancing with his pole. Hey, double entendres abound here at Penwasser Place this morning!
    @Mark: They could be at a baseball game, I suppose.
    @Dawn: I'd get season tickets. For LADIES trampolining. Which should go without saying. I hope.

  8. It looks lonely there in the nose-bleed section.

  9. Trampoline is a sport? Shiz I've heard it all know, gawd!!

  10. I didn't even know air rifle shooting was an Olympic sport. I thought they would be firing at cans and passing pigeons.

  11. You know if you want to see nearly naked, womens beach volleyball.
    Those are not what I would call a sports uniform.

  12. @Pat: Hey, it could be worse. It could be...no, it probably couldn't be worse.
    @Stephen: Yeah, the guy with the beer and foam fingers NEVER goes up there.
    @MB: I know. I thought trampoline was "Lawsuit Potential." At least in my neighborhood.
    @Tony: I was actually very surprised it was. But, I guess it's not so surprising when you stop to consider that ribbon dancing is an Olympics sport, too.
    @Mynx: No, I am in amazement at the sheer athleticism of gifted players as they stretch the limits of human endurance and match wits against opponents who...oh, who am I kidding? It's the bikinis.

  13. Seriously, a whole lot of money is wasted with some of these "Olympic" sports. Hell, most people don't even care about the major Olympic sports, except at Olympics time.
    I do however, like underwater badminton.