Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Patience is a Virtue

  And sloth is a vice.

  You may have noticed that I've pretty much dropped off the face of the Earth this past week.  Mostly, it was because I was so wiped out by the A-Z Challenge that I needed a few days.  

  Then, the weekend came and I was less tuckered.  But, 'Words With Friends,' the yard, Facebook, shiny things, the new "Grannies Gone Wild' website, and, yes, laziness intruded.  In reality, I actually had a couple days during which I could have given you my A-Z Reflections.

  But....nooooo.  Did I mention 'Grannies Gone Wild?'

  Now that the new work week has reared its ugly head like Michael Moore at an All-You-Can-Eat sundae bar, I'm busier than a one-legged wallpaper hanger (or something like that).

  Toss in the fact that I'm going to Virginia tomorrow to pick up the heir to the Penwasser fortune (with which he can buy a ham sandwich) and I'm too busy to write a worthwhile, entertaining post (or whatever it is I write).

  So, if I can have your  patience, I'll need to wait until Friday to write my viewpoints on the ordeal just past.  I promise that by the weekend, you'll be laughing your guts out.  Then, Comedy Central will be over and you can come visit Penwasser Place.

  But, until then, may I present.....
Throw in a Happy Ending and you'll have a friend for life

See you Friday.  I promise. 


  1. Even that was funny! The A to Z tuckered me out, too. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Friday. I'll be back.

  2. My heir just strolled through the door two hours ago, unpacked his truck, talked with me for an hour and is now out with his friends. Summer has begun!

  3. grannies gone wild? I don't think even Bill Clinton would watch that.

  4. I missed ya but I just COULDN'T bring myself to read the A-Z stuff on anyones. The whole challenge annoys the piss outta me. Sorry. Love ya still. Even though the thought of Granny's Gone Wild makes me want to stab myself in the eyes.

  5. @Nancy: Please do. I plan on being back myself. Unless I run afoul of some Blue Ridge hillbillies who'll want to trade me for some beef jerky and a carton of smokes.
    @Elsie: The aforementioned heir has a girlfriend. Don't expect to see much of him this summer, either. As long as he puts me in a nice rest home where I can watch The Price is Right marathons, walk around in my PJs all day, and eat all the lime jello I care to eat, I'm good.
    @Adams: Yeah, the Nude Granny Olympics just sucked. They kept tripping over their breasts.
    @Jewels: I don't blame you one bit. I did the best I could visiting your site and Twitter (I was pretty silent on Twitter). Those grannies had it going on, though. Except for that Olympics thing.

  6. Grannies gone wild is not something I wish to picture, is it like that magazine in Billy Madison? Ewwww. I play words with friends too on my phone.

  7. Rest up! Looking forward to Friday's post. :)

  8. Rest up, big guy. Missing your posts.

  9. Sounds like you need to recharge your batteries. We'll just have to wait patiently.

  10. I thought a sloth was an animal. Yeah- Sid from Ice Age was a sloth.
    Wow, you are tired! ;)

  11. You stumbled across grannies gone wild and -then- still had the energy to blog after a break? You should give yourself more credit!

  12. Are those grannies wild enough for the jungle? If so, I'd rather not know them. Have a good trip to Lynchtown.

  13. The drive home should be filled with lots of new material. Have a safe trip, and enjoy this time with your lucky son! Julie

  14. I saw some Grannies Gone Wild DVD covers in grot shop in Amsterdam, they were not a pleasant sight. When I reach pensionable age I am giving up sex altogether.

  15. Well done on finishing the challenge. I had noticed though that it seems to have made the blog world rather quite this past week.

    May have given you a little mention today on my post. :)

  16. Grannies Gone Wild, wow Al haha. I have noticed that you've been gone for a bit but after a stellar contribution to the challenge it's only fair, great to hear from you regardless mate.

  17. I just Googled 'grannies gone wild' and it's just a bunch of older women looking at the Kim Kardashian sex tape. Don't judge me.

  18. I've heard of chocolate body spray and rub, but chicken? That's just awesome. I can be patient man. It's all understandable.

  19. Can't wait till Friday - you crack me up!

  20. I might not be avalible friday! That Grannies gone wild website sounds interesting! I might have to dedicate my life to it!

  21. Grannies gone wild? Really???? Me too.... I was wiped out and my neck was still hurting but I'm a-returning. Can't keep those Grannies down. Enjoy your trip... See ya.

  22. I totally read you are going to Vagina tomorrow.... o boy!

  23. I love a good meat rub.
    Wait, what?

  24. Hey if your gonna go out in style at least he gets a ham sandwich. While your at it make a hard copy of all your posts and present that with the will. I'm sure they will love it.

  25. @Pat: EVERYbody is kicking my butt on Words With Friends. I just finished the challenge, dammit! I should know a lot of words. Strangely, I haven't been able to use "Xerxes." But, I've used the crap out of "Qi."
    @Dana: As soon as I get back from work tomorrow, I'm on it. Tonight I'm...uh...doing THIS.
    @Eva: I was all set a couple days ago. But, had to get the boy, dontcha know. We've been back only a couple hours and he's already at his girlfriend's house. NOW I know how MY family felt way back when.
    @Stephen: They're recharged, thank goodness. Tonight, I'm just being lazy.
    @Ruth: The vice "sloth" was taken from the animal. It means slow, lethargic, without much pep. I didn't actually use a dictionary, but that's the word's etymology (but, remember. I suck at Words With Friends). Or is that entomology? That really bugs me. Hee hee hee...aren't I the clever dickens?
    @Sub: Well, one of the grannies WAS Bea Arthur. So, it was pretty easy.
    @Gorilla: I DO have a story about a combination Burger King/Exxon/Kwik Mart/Bait Shop in Buchanan, Virginia. I may have to write about it sometime this month.
    @Julie: The drive there and back was. I even took a picture of something.
    @Tony: But the cover of each DVD comes with a Connect-the-Liver-Spots puzzle. So, that's pretty cool.
    @Matthew: I'll be back to being regular tomorrow. Both you and Pat Hatt get mentions in my Reflections post (don't worry-it's all good).
    @Nellie: When I'm done, I am going to Google it. I'm afraid.
    @Mark: I know. That Chicken Rub is just fowl.
    @Sheila: And you haven't even seen my prom pictures.
    @Bersercules: I'm telling ya...what those babes can do with Geritol, Icy-Hot, and a Betty White mask is breathtaking!
    @Manzanita: No way will May have 26 posts, but it will have some!
    @baygirl: Funny you should say that. When I was stationed on a ship down south, we used to say we were homeported in "Nof***, Vagina." I know. Sailors.
    @Dawn: Me, too. Especially with a glass of wine and the lights turned low.
    @Bushman: I could make a hard copy of my post about chicken rub.

  26. @Nellie: Dear Lord in heaven, you're right!!! I really ought to check these things before I just write the first thing which comes to mind. On the bright side, at least there were no nudie shots of Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Helen Thomas.

  27. Is that chicken rub endorsed by the Grannies Gone Wild?

    No worries, Al. We'll be here to laugh at and with you whether you're here or not. Get home safely, though.


  28. You are hilarious. Have a great break. Laziness is an important part of life.

  29. @Jessica: Then I am one important little dude.
    @Robyn: It helps with their varicose veins. But, they cluck like wild.