Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I May Be Sportin' Tightey-Whiteys

But...look on the bright side:

At least my hair was still brown.
(NOTE: This was taken in 1998.  I look better now.  Rats.  You've seen my picture.)

    Speaking of...
  If you can manage to pull your eyes away from the dietary train-wreck above, you may have noticed I've changed the look of this site.  Don't worry, I'm not going to change the type of topics upon which I blather. Trust me, the picture above notwithstanding, I'm not going to start writing horror.
  It's just I thought it was time for a change here at Penwasser Place.  Since I've been sitting on that toilet for a couple of years, it was time to flush and get up (or is that get up and flush?).  If for no other reason that sitting on the john for an overly long period can give you piles the size of some small island nations.  Or Oprah.

    Part of the new look also includes a shot of nature as it looks when I take my glasses off.  On a frikkin' road.

    So, how do you like it?

    The new look, not the underwear picture (unless you're into that kind of thing-I won't judge).

    Okay, you may go get sick now.


  1. Still partial to the loo as the cat makes that rhyme with poo. But like it still and the layout is much much better than before I will say.

  2. @Pat: If you glance to the right
    You'll see quite a sight
    Of me on the hopper
    With no sign of the coppers.
    @Baur: Thank you. And get thee hither to an eye doctor.

  3. were you using that magnifying mirror to look at your nose hair? do you need to manscape that mess? i recommend waxing it out.

  4. Like the new look, not sure about the undies.......though but hell who really looks good in their undies.......not me for Also not hubby with his fat gut and briefs that are hidden by his

  5. LOL I like the new look.

    I'm gonna say it's get up and flush. ;)

  6. lols, I likes... Still a work in progress or you done with it? Either way, nice and blue :) OoOoO whitey tighties, oh gheah!! :)

  7. @Sherilin: Great Googli Moogli! You mean I'm supposed to tilt a candle into my nose. Wouldn't that burn?
    @Jo-Anne: Trust me, as bad as I look IN my undies, imagine (at your peril) what I would look like withOUT them. Plus, I had just woke up (or is that waked?). And you know how some guys are when they first get up? Oh, it's best we don't see THAT.
    @Dana: That's true. You'd get a damp hiney the other way.
    @MonkeyButt: I may still tinker with it (ooh, that sounds dirty). Or not.

  8. Oo la la, new site design AND tighty whitey pics, why must you spoil us so!

    I'll miss the good ole street toilet pic header, but the new dental zoom surprised one is definitely growing on me.

  9. I don't know, the street toilet is way more amusing to me. :P

  10. I don't see it! What'd'ya change? What'd'ya change?

  11. The new picture gives us a better idea of your mental state, which might be an improvement for some of your readers. I wish Oprah would read this post and comment "Kiss my entire ass!". Man, you'd be so chastened!

  12. I loved the shot at poor Oprah in this haha, I think it's pretty cool that you've changed the site about a little buddy, change is always good. I'm glad that the photo of the king on his throne is still visible on the right side though lmao.

  13. I'll take you anyway I can get you! You crack me up and ALWAYS make me smile.

  14. Change is often a good thing. Why are you looking at your teeth?

  15. I kinda miss the toilet shot, but the tighty whiteys have got to go! (The photo, I mean, not the undies!) Yikes!

  16. and you tried to say you were "decent" bahhaaa

  17. I love it - Mostly because it feels like home LOL

    What? No Gary Coleman in his underwear? Hmmm...I joke, I joke!! You in your tighty whiteys is way better than Gary!

    Love the new look, Al. How's your writing coming along??

  18. Alllllllll!!!!! How are you? Love the new look (of your blog silly). Very clever. Hope you're doing well and I snorted at the Oprah joke.

  19. @Mike: 4 out of 5 dentists recommend I don't look in the mirror.
    @DWei: I kinda think so, too. That's why I still have it on my sidebar.
    @Symdaddy: I swapped out the toilet picture for one of me looking at a mirror. Which has to be one indestructible mirror since it didn't crack.
    @Gorilla: That would be priceless. I'd love for her to write, "Look who's talking."
    @Matthew: I could never toss that one pic aside.
    @Sheila: So-whew!-you didn't hurl when you got a gander of me in the old briefs?
    @Tony: I tried to get a picture of my entire mouth. But, for some reason, my mouth was too big for one mirror.
    @Adam: It looks cleaner. I like the trees. Even if they ARE blurry.
    @Eva: Thankfully, the tightey-whiteys have remained relics of the 20th century (like my brown hair).
    @baygirl: 'Decent' is such a subjective term. So is 'gross.' But, I'm thinking that nails it here.
    @Elsie: Whew! I read it wrong. I thought you wrote, "What? No Gary Coleman in YOUR underwear?" Well, thank goodness for that. Especially since he's dead. My writing is coming along pretty well. I've changed the format a bit. I think it improves it some.
    @Barb: Glad to be together again! Been a long two months. I hope Gorilla Bananas is right. Wouldn't it be a hoot if Oprah DID read Blogger? I'd love for her to say, "Oh, yeah? Well, look in a mirror." I'd have to remind her, "Gee, Madam, if you look at my title picture, you'll see that I'm doing just that."

  20. The new look is nice! and the potty pic is on the side so at lest its still here..

  21. I can't stop laughing.

    Like Bersercules said, you're keeping the potty shot, so it's all good. Yes, change is good. On that note, you have changed your tighty-whiteys since the photo. Right, Al?


  22. Lol now lets see this picture in present day... ehh maybe not haha

  23. @Baur: Ohhhh, ewwwwwwwwwwww. Who do you think I am? Anthony Weiner?
    @Bersercules: I had to keep it there. Case I need it.
    @Robyn: I got two days out of them. Turned 'em inside-out.

  24. I love the new look, but the background does hurt my eyes a wee bit. Luckily, I love pain. I was raised Catholic, you know.

  25. Change is always good especially when it comes to underwear.
    Where did you get that badge from the A to Z?

  26. Although it is difficult to pull my eyes from the dietary train wreck, I have to say that I quite enjoyed the shot of you on the can. Although I wondered when you were going to get off the pot.

  27. Sh*t AND get off the pot, that's what I always say!

    And now that I've seen you in your undies, I somehow feel lighter, more free...


  28. I count myself lucky that I was struck blind at the very moment I entered your new world.....All I can see is a strange man in White skivvies.... This comment has been hand delivered by a blind dog (Don’t tell him he hasn’t got hands it will ruin his confidence...)

  29. Oh Al, I'm not sure you're aware of just what you've gotten yourself into. It may have seemed like an innocent enough idea to post a photo of yourself in your undies for our amusement, but I should warn you - we're a greedy lot. ;)

  30. I know from personal experience how comfy those tightie whities are. Ssh, don't tell Rob.
    As long as you keep that lovely pot sitting pic somewhere on the blog, I'm all for the new look. Very toothy!

  31. It looks charming.
    If you are hoping that since you showed us a pic of you in your underwear, us ladies will be returning the favor I think you may be mistaken.

  32. @Nellie: Now rap yourself in the knuckles with a yardstick.
    @ghulam: Sadly, it hasn't gotten better with age.
    @sameer: I thank you. As well as decades of Doritos.
    @Bushman: I coped it from Arlee Bird's blog. You can copy from me. It's all good.
    @Dawn: I really liked that shot. Plus, it was in the right spot at the right time.
    @Pearl: And much better looking, I'll bet.
    @BL: That's the power of starched skivvies.
    @Kara: Guffaws, giggles, belly laughs, snorts of derision....all work. Except titters. Because that just sounds dirty.
    @Gene Pool Diva: I'll keep my toilet shot to remind me to be humble. And the underwear shot to remind me to do crunches. And put down the fork.
    @Ruth: If by charming, you mean repulsive....

    1. I meant the background was charming. What did you think I was talking about?

  33. Well Al,...
    As long as you manage to make people smile, it's all good.
    That may have come out wrong.
    Never mind.
    As long as you're happy, I'm happy.

  34. I'm just glad that they're not inside out. Julie

  35. @AC: Not above posting pictures which would make people feel good about THEMselves.
    @Julie: How do you know? You get two days use out of them when you do that.

  36. I like the new look! Now go put some darn pants on!!!

  37. It WAS getting a little chilly.

  38. Dude. I aspire to look as good as you once did. Wow. I may have hit a new low but it's still true.

  39. yep, late to the party AGAIN.
    Love the new look. The white undies, well that was an image I will struggle with for a little bit though.