Friday, April 6, 2012

April 6th-Brought To You By the Letter 'F'


"Holy crap! Is that a girl?"
    Let’s face it.  Followers are why we’re here.  Oh, sure, most of us write for the intrinsic joy of writing.  As opposed to extrinsic.  Which, I suppose, could be chicks or money.  In that instance, you’re in the wrong place.  You’d be better off playing Dungeons and Dragons.  In your mom’s basement. But, hmm...not much chance of women there, though. OK, bad example.

    For example, I love to write.  It’s what I like to do.  Especially since bowling with dwarves is frowned upon by society.  And dwarves.
    So, I get it.
    But, if you didn’t want others to read what you wrote, would you actually be posting anything on Blogger?  Or would you instead be writing poems about the Amish on bathroom walls?  Which, I believe, is a sickness.  Not the Amish.  Writing about them in the can.
    No, we all like to be validated by those we love, those we’d like to love us, those we stalk, or by perfect strangers, some of whom live in Australia.  Or New Jersey (if they only knew how to read).
   That’s where followers come in.  By following a blog, we agree that we will do our best to read whatever it is the author has posted.  Hopefully, by doing that, we anticipate they will follow us, as well (sort of a literary “reach-around” to be honest).
    By extension, comments on our blogs solidify that relationship.  Whether it’s “Nice post!” or “Have you seen my keys?”, comments are the icing on the cake.  Although, you can keep the “You suck!” comments to yourself, wise guy.
    Comments are the quickest way to get someone to have a look at your blog, as well (remember that “reach-around” analogy?).
    When you comment on Penwasser Place (my God, could I be any more shameless?), I’ll immediately (or almost immediately-I may have to go to the bathroom) have a look at your blog.  This is the polite thing to do.  After all, I may find something to steal that will brighten my day.
    After checking on those who have checked on me, I’ll have a look at other bloggers who may not have commented (i.e., who may have lives).  But, there’s no guarantee that I will.  So, to get my snarky valuable insights, you may want to visit (remember: shameless).
    Or you may not want to be bothered.  I get that, as well.  Mrs. Penwasser would just as soon I go check the mail and not come back, either.
    There are some folks who I automatically visit, whether they’ve commented or not.  I call these people “unfortunate bastards.”  Seriously, I enjoy their writing so much that it doesn’t matter if they’re regular visitors (but, seriously, would it kill you?).  
    So, let me take this opportunity to thank all my followers, some regular (and I don't mean in a digestive sense.  Although, that would be good, too), some not: ManzanitaJennyBarbRobynEvaPatMatthewJo-AnneTonyJulieRuthNancyAnneDawnMary, and many others I couldn't come up with a good picture of (are you listening AntaresRyokoGorillaMynx?).  You all make this worthwhile.
NOTE:  If I left you off, please don't hate me.  That doesn't mean I don't appreciate your patronage. It's just that Mrs. Penwasser will be home soon and I don't want her to think I'm surfing for Internet porn.  Especially since I took care of that this morning.

    I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Sherilin, my best friend whom I’ve never met.  And whom I’ll probably never meet (if she’s lucky).  Not only has she put up with me the longest, she writes an outstanding blog on her own.
    Now, get out there and write.
    Someone’s waiting to read. 


  1. Thank you for the link if not pic. I confess I don't put a lot of pictures of me on my blog. I am a little shy that way.
    I think the last one had me wearing a rather large snake.

    Great post. I really enjoyed it

  2. I'm glad to hear that followers validate your excellent writing and encourage you to stick around here Al, you know I love your posts and your comments already so I won't go on about that too much.

    Sherilin is someone I discovered from your blog and I have to agree with you, her posts are always hilarious and awesome if they're not supposed to be funny, she's a real gem.

  3. Great tribute Al! Leave it to a clever guy to come up with something like that while the rest of us knitwits write about flowers, food, fornication,fruit,flies,fruitflies,fingers,frogs well you get the point!

  4. You are one of a kind, in the best of ways, Al P. I may need to steal this: "There are some folks who I automatically visit, whether they’ve commented or not. I call these people 'unfortunate bastards.'" I call you edgy (to put it mildly) and gracious. I don't know of anyone who pulls this combo off (or tried to wear it in the first place) so well. It fits you just right. I'm sure it's extra large too. Wink.

    Thank you so much! This was a great way to appreciate your followers.


  5. oh ally, you're my best friend i've never met in pennsylvania too! i'm an unfortunate bastard, i am. and to think, i found you before you found me. ha! i'm a stalker like that.

  6. This all rings so true, Al, I couldn't have said it better myself. Something I've discovered about this A to Z thingy is that with all the activity in blogland I am finding it impossible to keep up and visit all the places I normally visit, let alone comment on them.

  7. So I'm an unfornate bastard, I guess I've been called worse..hahahaha....So true if people didn't want others to read then they would post on those bathroom walls. Although "Sit On It" may need some updating. I don't stalk, it's more of a lurking thing, there is a subtle difference. Nice how you set the post up too with all those ugly mugs going down the sides..haha...maybe we'll all scare the "nice post" rats away from your blog.

  8. @Mynx: Now THAT would be a great picture!
    @Matthew: I hope you don't mind, but you've become of those "unfortunate bastards." :-)
    @Bushman: Fornication...fingers...frogs. I think I can do something with that. Now I just have to find a slow frog.
    @Robyn: You're one of my favorites. Hope you don't mind. Now aren't you glad there's hundreds of miles of desert between us?
    @Sherilin: Yes, you did and, yes, you are. We're both good like that.
    @Botanist: Don't I know it! The challenge is great because I meet so many new people. But, the downside is finding enough time to visit everyone. Hmm...maybe that's a good thing from their standpoint that I don't hang around a lot...?
    @Pat: Lucky you, it is true, you get a shout-out on my post for 'U.'
    @Kerrie: And, oh, yeah, back atcha!

  9. Hey Al - What a wonderful post! Thanks for the shout out. I haven't been "here" much lately and trust me, I miss tormenting you with my wit and charm, but co-hosting has taken on a life of its own.
    You've been a real trooper by dropping by, with your equally witty and charming comments, over at my place - thanks.

    I'm treating my absence as a vacation...for you! Which I hope you are enjoying??

    Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

  10. I found you through Anne, she is one of my favs. I wish she were around to see her face plastered on your page LOL. I'm also a big fan of Pat too and now of you...

  11. What a cool way to celebrate your blog friends! Well done!

  12. @Jenny: I try my best to visit. In fact, I may drop by tonight. You're one of the folks who make this thing worthwhile.
    @L: Anne's the coolest. I'm glad you found me through her. Hmm...I'll have to pay her a visit tonight, too.
    @CW: Couldn't do it without them-or you. Thanks!

  13. You are so sweet, Al. Though I am not sure you captured my best side.
    I always look forward to your posts and your comments on my posts.

  14. Anne in on vacation until next week or the following week. I'm already going through withdrawals =(

  15. @Ruth: I think your picture looks great. My best side is the side you see when the room is completely dark.
    @L: And that makes me sad (both her being gone and your "Anne withdrawals."

  16. I recognize some of those faces! What a wonderful post, really.

  17. Al, I can't believe I didn't see this earlier! I am honored, surprised and almost rendered speechless! Now my husband is smiling, but I said ALMOST! It has been a pleasure getting to know you as you are hysterically funny, extremely loyal, and you have a heart of gold! Your stories and comments always make my day! Thanks again! Julie

  18. I don't see my name anywhere here! I'm so upset that I'm going to go run a bath and then open a vein....

  19. @Nellie: And they're NOT on milk cartons. Which is a plus.
    @Julie: Aw...thanks!
    @Pat: Sorry about that, Pat. I'm gonna have to address that bust (which is what the doctor said after Chastity became Chaz).