Friday, April 20, 2012

April 20th-Brought to You By the Letter 'R'


Problem is, they never tell you from which animal the meat flavor comes.

Be grateful....

At least it ain't Chinese food.

I'm just sayin'...


  1. Great labelling laws you guys have. Could be worse, could be tofu

  2. I've never tried Ragu before and I won't lie to you Al, I really don't find myself in any immediate hurry to change that fact haha.

  3. Gah! I never thought of that... I have pondered hot dogs, sausages and some questionably thin burgers, never meat sauce - you just blew my mind

  4. yet one more reason to go meatless.

  5. Reminds me of observing a CONREP on GW while alongside a supply ship. A pallet of meat came across that proudly stated 'Grade D Beef'. I'm pretty sure Grade D beef is made up of the parts of the animal even the Indians threw away. Today's challenge: Meinhardte Raabe (Munchkin coroner from Wizard of Oz) to Kevin Bacon. If you do it, you must sing (and dance) the Lollypop Guild song.

    1. Yikes! I could be wrong, but that has to be a tough one. I'm gonna have to use Google on this one. By the way, I don't need a reason to sing the Lollypop Guild song. You know that.

    2. Tough, but I got it!
      Meinhardte Raabe-Jimmy Kimmel-Robin Williams-Ron Howard-Kevin Bacon
      Meinhardte appeared on Jimmy Kimmel who made a video with Robin Williams who appeared on 'Happy Days' (as Mork) with Ron Howard who directed 'Apollo 13' in which starred Kevin Bacon.

  6. But how do we know it isn't Chinese meat if they don't tell us?
    And people wonder why I make everything from scratch.

  7. If it's good enough for the leaders of our country, I say it's good enough for us.

  8. Not making me want to try Ragu, but it's the same thing with hotdogs, never know what is in those. And yeah Chinese meat, ewww.

  9. If you don't know what is in it, don't chew it. eschew it.
    Hot dogs? If you must eat them make sure they are kosher. Oy.

  10. How about that Pink Slime?

    BTW, do you know how many words are in The Shag Carpet Toilet? I'm just curious for comparison with the book I'm working on.

  11. @Eva: 65,178 words. And that's a lot of potty talk! Golly, you'd think they coulda come up with a more appetizing name than 'slime.' Like 'muck,' or 'mung.' Or SPAM.
    @anthony: I love hot dogs at a ballgame. I just slather mustard on them and hope for the best.
    @MonkeyButts: It's what's for dinner. In Beijing.
    @Pat: We bought the jar of Ragu in the picture. When Mrs. Penwasser sent me down to the cellar to get tomato sauce, I asked her if she wanted the Ragu, she said, "Hell, no. Get me the good stuff." ?????????
    @Manzanita: At first I was wondering what you meant, then it hit me. Good one!
    @Ruth: It's written in Chinese. Or for sale at Walmart.
    @Sherilin: Or Meat Flavorless.
    @baygirl: Kinda skeeves you out, huh? "Hmmm, tastes like meat!"
    @Matthew: Be glad. Be very glad.
    @Mynx: Or Tofu Flavored.

  12. Sometimes you can say it all in just a few words.

  13. Ugh, that's just disgusting. I may not look at Ragu the same way again....

  14. Glad this enabled you to free your mind to break all records with your shoe tying exposition. Julie

  15. @Bushman: I just hope that 'Ragu' isn't Italian for 'cannibal.'
    @ryoko" It really scares me what 'meat' they're talking about. Possum? The other, other, other white meat.
    @Nancy: It's what's for sinner!
    @Julie: It was a bit of a break. Although, since most of the shoe-tie pictures were taken years ago, it was all just a matter to post them. Pretty easy.

  16. I find that it's too watery. Prego is where it's at.