Monday, February 20, 2012

Goin' To See My Doctor This Afternoon

I think you know what that means


  1. What kind of doctor? Don't get a facelift. It's not worth it!!

  2. we call those the " over 40 sir ? " gloves.
    no eye contact please doctor, we`ve only just met.

    good luck by the way.

  3. Ooooooooooooh free Lollipop!!! And if you are really REALLY good -> a Gold star on your booboo!! hehehe I crack me up!! What? Not a good time for the word crack?

  4. Just remember you don't have to exchange a treat for that lollipop. Meaning when the doc says bend over, not chocolate kisses for the

  5. you're going to the doctor and you & he are going to put those gloves on your heads and blow them up to look like rooster combs? bonding time for the two of you.

  6. Hahhaha...good luck with that.

  7. @Gorilla: Neither am I airtight.
    @Nellie: Naw, he's a General Practitioner. Who this afternoon specializes in "butt."
    @crowbloke: And don't put both your hands on my shoulders, either.
    @Matthew: I keep telling myself, "It's good for me, it's good for me, it's good for me." And "So THIS is why I don't want to go to prison. Or camp with anyone named Elton."
    @Marlia: The dude better NOT be touching my booboo.
    @Pat: I was planning on using my butt as some sort of Gatling Gun.
    @Sherilin: Hopefully, BEFORE he examines me.
    @Gia: I'm going to fret about it all day.
    @Bersercules: BA DUM BUM. And I DO mean BUM.

  8. EeeeeeK, remember to bring some lube with you..!

  9. Let us know if he finds anything (up there)! Good luck!!

    BTW - you've been tagged. I hope you choose to participate.

  10. "Bend over and cough"? I'd always like one to switch it up and say sneeze.

    Good luck.

  11. Just hope he doesn't ask for cuddles afterwards

  12. I'll smile all afternoon, thinking of you.

  13. Hope you had a good Uranus joke for your doc.

  14. Tell Dr. Jellyfinger I say hello.

  15. Hey there Penwasser !!!

    Hopefully there will be an epic post to update us on what happened ?
    Meanwhile I'm off for a backwards catch up, yet another blog I've not read for aaaaages.

  16. @Shrinky: The deed is done. Never goin' to prison, never goin' to prison, never goin' to prison......
    @Nancy: We've found Jimmy Hoffa!!!
    @Shockgrubz: "Knees up to your chest and relax." Oh...yeah...right.
    @Adams: Cuddles was on his own. Screw him.
    @Eva: Frankly, I'd laugh.
    @dbs: Strangely, my mind wasn't concentrating on humor. Because, if it was, I would have blown my nose when he tossed me the box of tissues. I felt
    @Mary A.: That wasn't jelly.
    @Dirty: Should be a couple of posts. I'll be writing them this weekend. Meanwhile, I have a couple of "quickie" posts on Wednesday and Friday (LOVE that 'delayed post' feature!). How was your holiday?

  17. This is one of those rare occasions were I get to wish you small things.

  18. Or none at all. The beautiful is that the doctor didn't say, "Uh, oh."
    Or lose his watch.

  19. Had my first one last November. Day before Thanksgiving actually.

    I was clean as a whistle.

    It's one of those necessary evils. You should go for an "annual" like us ladies have to go to.
    Or a breast exam. Now THERE'S some real fun for ya!

  20. Did he at least buy you lunch?
    My old doctor looked like Andre the Giant...

  21. @Lydia: It went as well as could be expected. I kept telling myself it was for my own good. But, I remember the good old days when I thought having to give blood was uncomfortable.
    @ryoko: That's no whistle either one of us would care to blow. I'm careful to complain about this to women. Mrs. Penwasser says, "When your doctor can carry you around like a six-pack, then you can come crying to me."
    @Pat: No, but at least he gave me his number.

  22. I saw that picture and I knew what was going on. Bend over Al!

  23. I'm glad it went well! Were you awake, or did he put you to sleep, because you were giving him a headache? I stay awake for mine, and apologize through most of it. Julie

  24. @Anne: That's a lot like my experience. I saw that glove and knew what was GOING to happen.
    @Julie: Sadly, I was wide wide wide the frik awake.