Sunday, November 20, 2011

Today's Vocabulary

Nutcracker:  1. (n) Newest event for the 2016 Olympics-Male Balance Beam
"Aw, F!!! I knew I shouldn't have made that bet
that Chastity Bono wouldn't go through with it."


  1. Oh but it's "Chas" Bono dontcha know!!!

    Nutcracker: 2.(n) also known as a wife.



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  2. Ouch, that's an absolutely crazy event, I would hate to be a participant in this one! Chaz Bono makes me sick, not for his choices but how he/she just does it to achieve fame and attention in my opinion.

  3. @Marlia: Chaz: Always good for a laugh. Much like Mr. Weiner (his name alone...). "also known as a wife." Also the term "Ballbuster" is appropriate.
    @Orange3" It's never a pretty sight.
    @Yeamie: You're right on the money as usual. I have absolutely no problem with hacking off the lady bits and placing a "We're Closed" sign on the undercarriage. But, it's the Hollywood attention-getting that gets me going.

  4. More of a nut-squasher than a nut-cracker, I would say.

  5. so it business attire the new uniform for olympians?

  6. Nut squashing face planter, as I bet they'd fall forward and smack their face on the beam. That has to be worth at least 5 points right?

  7. I think you should've posted the picture that reflects the word.

    After he fell.

  8. Oh, my. Now it's shirts and ties for the Olympics?

  9. @Gorilla: Just the thought brings tears to my eyes.
    @Sherilin: With cuffs rolled up just so.
    @Pat: If I had made puree out of the boys, I wouldn't care less what had happened to my face.
    @Clipped: Lends new meaning to the term, "He stuck it!" Sadly, I still can't comment on your blog :-(
    @Robyn: You got that right. On a sorta related daughter played soccer today. At one point, her team needed to erect (sorry for the use of that term-couldn't think of another one) a wall. The girls arms were crossed across their chests. When boys play, yep, they protect the "little guys." Interesting physiological observation, that.
    @dirty: Well, I now have something to Google when I'm done here.
    @Eva: Yep, ever since that shameful cutoffs and wife-beater incident at the Little Rock Arkansas Little Olympics.

  10. And after this event, they will all become world famous sopranos. Not the mafia kind.

  11. I'm still waiting for the Monkey Bars to get the glory they deserve.

  12. REALLY? Oh, you've got to be kidding me!

  13. LMAO. Oh, and someone above mentioned giving Monkey Bars the glory they deserve--I agree.

  14. @Ruth: Mashed nuggets.....
    @A Beer: That and the "Spin N Puke."
    @Nancy: Stranger things have happened. Think "Synchronized Swimming."
    @Amber: Good thing the East Germans aren't in the running anymore.

  15. I plan on winning the silver medal in this event. I don't feel like going balls to the walls and getting the gold; I'll leave that to the Romanians.

  16. If you do, then you can have it bronzed (FULL DISCLOSURE: Not my joke).

  17. Very funny but I was expecting something about Tchaikovsky.

    And where is that athlete's jacket and why is his sleeves rolled up? wait, the olympics are formal? Is it after six?