Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tis the Season

Sent in from my brother (Phil from the "Once Upon a Time" stories):

Who says Christmas is just for children?
Price per unit or for the pair?

I'm just wondering though:

Would that be from Mrs. Claus?



Yule Log, indeed


  1. Are they blue?
    I mean, you know, for Hanukah?

  2. @Gorilla: Much less painful, too.
    @Robyn: Blue until Hanukah. Then, all red (but, never green).

  3. That's actually great man, it certainly gave me a pretty good laugh

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  5. Dirty minds aside, what exactly is a kissing ball? $21.99 is such a random price.

  6. Oh my. If only getting your balls kissed was this cheap.

  7. See, mistletoe just sounds so much classier.

  8. @Sub-Radar: From (or something like that): The kissing ball has its origins in the ancient Druid tradition of hanging sprigs of mistletoe over doorways to ward off evil and bring health and happiness to the inhabitants. It evolved to evergreen balls with a sprig of mistletoe attached to the bottom and eventually to simple balls of evergreen boughs with ribbon or other decorative items dangling from the base.
    Those kooky, nutty Druids with their balls.
    @Eva: And such an easy shot to make fun of.
    @Ixy: You're right, "Kissing Mistletoe" wouldn't cause a single smirk (brought to you for the same reason "O, Come All Ye Faithful" was changed to "Adestes Fideles"). But, I think mistletoe has something to do with astronauts.
    @OT: 25 years and still waiting.....
    @Yeamie: It's the holidays!

  9. Was this right next to the kissing booth I wonder? Kiss on the Lips $1 - Balls? 21.99! Maybe they had that little cup next to the register with extra pennies in it for easy change.

  10. Santa can kiss my balls if he doesn't bring me those Bose headphones.

  11. Ugh, not getting a good visual.

    Is that anything like mistletoe?

  12. hahaha was hanging blue balls the other day, I guess some kissing balls might take the blue away..hahaha

  13. @Pat: Yep, right next to "Miss Kim's Relaxation and Day Spa."
    @Elliot: Hey, Bose is Bose, after all. Cash, check, or credit card. Skeeviness free of charge!
    @ryoko861: It's a lot like mistletoe, but easier to make fun of.
    @Pat Hatt: I was in Target the other day and snapped a picture of-you guessed it-blue Christmas balls.

  14. I bet you could find a guy in China to do it for half that price. :P

  15. I wonder if that includes a trim first? They'd put my barber out of business.

  16. I smell a money making opportunity.

  17. I hope thats per pair. Otherwise thats too damn pricey!

  18. Is that for real? LOL. Sounds like a must have.

  19. That is hilarious. Go by and check on last Friday's flair on my blog. The shameless self-promotion paid off :-)

  20. So...are they charging for an item or the opportunity?

  21. @Dwei: I hear Sum Yung Gai is interested.
    @Beer: I always like getting me some trim....ohhh, you mean a haircut? Those are cool, too.
    @dirty: But I showered!
    @Kid: I with ya-for almost $42, I better get more than just a kiss.
    @Poetry: Just imagine what it would do to the Yule Log.
    @Laila: Yep, sure is. It's another name for mistletoe, I suppose. Although I would stick with calling it mistletoe. If only to spare me from a smartass with a camera.
    @Amber: Thank you very much! I'll be having a good look at your blog tomorrow. I'm off to bed here in a couple minutes. I need my beauty sleep. Well, since we're talking about me, I need my "get enough sleep to de-ugly myself enough so children don't go screaming into traffic" sleep.
    @Tony: It's in Connecticut. Probably not worth the air fare. Especially since the one doing the kissing is Helen Thomas.
    @Nancy: In any case, it just better not be a tease.

  22. that was darn funny!!!
    That's a present I need.

  23. Do we really want to know the answer to this question? Christmas must be taking an odd turn this year.

    Tossing It Out

    Enjoy my delightful interview with Susan Kane on
    Wrote By Rote Saturday 11/26

  24. Was the red light district having a special?

  25. At the right kind of party, that could be hilarious! Picture it hanging in a doorway with a little greenery.

  26. Should I be charging my girlfriend?

  27. @Pat: Who needs a tie, right?
    @Arlee: I prefer to keep it under "Divine Mysteries." Come to think of it, "divine" probably isn't the best word to use.
    @Ruth: Ya got "kissing." Ya got "balls." Sounds like a special to me.
    @Ryoko861: I just hope it's not a party full of dudes.
    @Bersercules: She should just give in the spirit of the season.

  28. What, you don't Ike bed, bath, and beyond? Hehe!

  29. The bed and bath sections are okay, but the "beyond" section creeps me out.