Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Accidental Comedy

  Remember, during my last post, how I mentioned that I love it when ideas just fall my way (if you said 'priapism' is my least favorite word, congratulations.  At least you were reading)?

  I commented that sometimes I don't even need to write about a predetermined topic because the ridiculous is usually all around us  (and not just at Joe Biden's house). 

  So it is with the below. 

  Now, unless your first name is 'Ben,' and you work in sports medicine, having a last name of  'Gay' can be problematic.  Along with folks named 'Boner,' 'Dick,' 'Weiner', or 'Fluck,'  they are what I like to call "people with unfortunate last names.'  I can only imagine the ribbing a guy named 'Gay' got in Junior High School.  Unless he grew up during the 1920s.  Then, 'gay' meant 'happy.'  And it was illegal to drink.  But, boy those flappers were hot.  Except now.  When they're not. 

  Of course, it could be worse.  If he lived in Iran, being called 'Gay' could get his genitals removed.

  'Neel,' on the other hand, doesn't pack quite the same punch.  Unless he was an altar boy.  Or a male hooker.

  But, put the two names together and you see what can happen. 

  Two things come to mind.  Maybe, Mssrs. (I hope that's the correct abbreviation.  It is French, though.  So, who knows?) Gay and Neel printed thousands of these signs before some wag (probably a grown-up Junior High School kid) pointed out the hilarious juxtaposition (NOTE:  Snooty term for 'next to') of their last names.  Cue:  loud bursts of outraged Anglo-Saxon expressions of goodwill.

  Or (and this is what I would do):

  Mr. Gay: "Hey, I have an effed up last name, anyway.  So, whaddya say we have some fun with it?  How 'bout we put your last name right after mine?"
  Mr. Neel:  "No way, that'd be stupid and silly."
  Mr. Gay:  "Screw you, I'm the boss.  We'll do it the way I say.  You will Neel to me!!"
  (Clearly showing that Mr. Gay likes to make fun of other people after all the crap he got in school).

And, so we have:

Unintentional Humor.  I love it.

Many thanks to my son for sending me this.  While- fortunately for him-he doesn't look like me, he does have my sense of humor.


  1. That is slightly bizarre, as is your sense of humor! lol

  2. You'd be amazed at the amount of things I see which make me laugh (ok, maybe you wouldn't be!)

  3. I work at a hotel and run across a few good names. My favorite so far is a last name spelled Boner. Of course they pronounce it Bah-ner.

  4. "Gay and Neel" certainly made me laugh as did the bit about Bengay. I would truly hate to have any of these last names although admittedly Yeaman isn't exactly the best name in the planet to have. The amount of abuse I've received for that name over the years... ugh.

  5. OMG. Are you sure you aren't my husband? Because that would crack him up.

  6. Doesn't 'The Flintstones' song end with the words "you'll have a gay old time"? I always thought there was something fishy about Barney Rubble - he had the cuter wife, but was always hanging out with Fred. And sucking up to him too.

  7. If I see anything that is blogworthy in NJ I'll definitely let you know! I can imagine how fun being around you and your son at the same time is. You crack me up!

  8. @Allen: Of COURSE they do. I went to high school with a Russ Boner. Who had the decency (or warped sense of humor) to pronounce it the way it was spelled.
    @Yeamen: BenGay, BenHur, BenHim, it's all good. Is it because Yeaman rhymes with another word....?
    @Mary: How does he react when he passes a tub of "Crack Filler" at the Home Depot?
    @Gorilla: Plus, I don't think either of them wore underwear. Yabba Dabba Do!
    @Barb: Please do. I swear that those kitchen places in the mall started wrapping their egg timers in plastic because my son and I would set them to go off in 60 seconds and then dash off to Cinnabon. Comedy is often where you see it.

  9. Yeamen???????????? Yeaman?????????? What the hell have I been drinking?????
    Sorry, Yeamie. My comment back to you makes absolutely no sense now. "Yeamie" doesn't rhyme with ANYthing. Except "Steamy." And that doesn't make any sense either.

  10. Thanks for the chuckle you do have a warped sense of humour.............

  11. My son would have not been able to stop laughing long enough to snap a picture - boys, boys, boys...Love the sense of humor!

  12. ahhhh...Penwasser. Once again I am reminded that you and I...have the same sense of humor. That of a 12 year old.

  13. I spoke on the phone to a Mr Twatt once, he pronounced it Twait.

  14. You'd have a good laugh at this one guy in town. His name is Rick Boner. I assume that his given name is Richard so I believe he chose wisely in using Rick as the short version.

  15. @Jo-Anne Rambling: Thanks! I call 'em as I see 'em.
    @laughingmom: Does he play "Pull My Finger"? I do.
    @Dawn: I'm just channeling my inner junior high school student.
    @Tony: Of COURSE that's how he pronounces it. The twit.
    @Ruth: Why, oh why, would you name your son "Richard" if your last name is Boner (or Johnson, Weiner, or Peters, for that matter)? If your last name IS Boner, don't make it worse for your kids.

  16. Fluck? Now that's a good word.

  17. There really is a lady in the local area with that name. Yikes.

  18. Makes me laugh too.
    I've seen a sign advertising Mr. Hump's services.
    Can't figure out why he didn't change his name.

  19. @AC: Is his first name "Speed"? We have signs like that here.
    @Biff: Thanks!

  20. Frickin' hilarious! I love when Jay Leno does his occasional funny name bit during Monday night's Headlines. Sometimes reality is so much funnier than anything some writer could make up. Most of the time actually. Thanks for the insight, Al. You're priceless!

  21. Thanks!
    Look for another bit of accidental comedy at Just An Observation.

  22. stand up...That is your second name!...following!

  23. someone i know met a guy from hong kong whose first name was Penis. Penis Kong.

    last week, i met a chinese lady and her name was Police Koh.