Sunday, September 18, 2011

Today's Vocabulary

Poligrip:  1. (n)  Dental care for elderly parrots.


  1. Wow, guess you sure do... learn something new every day buddy :)

  2. Now Poli can still have that cracker!

  3. Rules for surviving Sunday mornings at Penwasser's Place:

    1. Get a grip
    2. No, no, get a really good grip
    3. Hold on tight
    4. No, no, hold on really tight
    5. Oops, try again Poli, you almost had it
    6. That good, Poli's got a grip
    7. Now don't let go

    Read it any way you want...but those are the rules. Now...
    Poli's gotta hold on you!

    Happy's almost Monday!

  4. Does this mean Poli can eat the crackers after? Or will the crumbs end up in the Poligrip? You're too funny.

  5. Oh...I thought you would say it was an oxymoron word, in that Polly cannot bend his legs in the correct position to get a good grip on himself. I have only you to blame for the way my mind is beginning to wander, lol.

  6. After.I think. Hmmmm...
    Yes, definitely after. And it is quick drying so no crumbs.

  7. Hahaha... although what kind of dental care would a parrot need? something to glue its beak back on?

  8. What's up with the different colored packaging? Is the green for elderly male parents, while pink is for the women?

  9. First prize for best one-liner blog of the week. :)

  10. @Yeamie: My mind is a terrible thing which has been wasted.
    @Eva: On behalf of our feathered friends, I thank you.
    @Ruth: As long as he can dip it in some tea.
    @Jenny: Then I read the paper. And then Polly poops on it.
    @Barb: Polly can eat the crackers while watching "Matlock" while bithing that it's "too damn cold in here!"
    @Sub-Radar-Mike: And don't even get me started on "Depends" for parrots. Because incontinence affects all of God's creatures.
    @George: Thanks!
    @Dirtycowgirl: Only if they visit the Island of Dr. Moreau.
    @Jo-Anne: Never underestimate the power of an effective Aviary Dental Hygiene program.
    @dbs: And now I guarantee you won't pass one of these without thinking that. Did you also read my post about the honeymoon lodge gift shop that had these on a shelf below the tampons? Hugh Hefner must go there.
    @Robyn: I never thought of that! Congratulations, we think alike! May I say...ahem...we're birds of a feather?
    @Jennifer: Thanks. I get a kick out of parrots. And monkeys.

  11. @Clipped: I can't enter any comments on your blog. Which is a shame because I had something to say about your latest.