Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

  Inspired by the commercials for Mounds and Almond Joy candy bars, this will be super-short.  Don't have a lot of time to write today. Well, to be honest, I don't feel like writing all that much today.

Football (well, American football) is on!

Sometimes you feel like a nut

Sometimes, you don't


  1. Happy American Football day buddy! Over here we have a super soccer day every Sunday called... Super Sunday!

  2. And sometimes you are a nut! CASE IN POINT!
    Go Lions!

  3. My brother is a big Dallas Cowboys fan for some reason, he isn't American and lives in Scotland. He also follows Baseball which as far as I can see is just Rounders with hats.

  4. Haha this is great! Thanks for update and support!

  5. Who is that woman? Does she play American football? Could you explain what a "linebacker" is?

  6. Hey, is that Barney Frank in that first photo?

  7. If given the choice between Rosie and a dude, I'd probably go gay.

  8. @Gorilla: She's....ick...Rosie O'Donnell, noted Boner-Killer. A linebacker is a defensive player who lines up about 3-5 yards behind the line. Interestingly, that isn't Barney Frank's favorite position. He actually prefers the "tight end."
    @Anthony: In the...ick...flesh.
    @Lost: Maybe...maybe not. But, my hand would look really attractive to me.
    @dbs: Sad the way my mind works, huh?
    @Yeamie: I forgot that my daughter was playing soccer this afternoon (she lost 2-0), so no football for me. She's a midfielder and played great, so it wasn't that big of a disappointment to miss Giants/Eagles.
    @Bushman: Last I checked, the Lions were losing. I'll have to check to make sure.
    @Tony: "Rounders with hats"! That's great!
    @Jason: Thank YOU
    @Eva: Sorry about the Sox (what's HAPPENED to those guys!?). I think the Pats lost, too.

  9. @Bushman: I just checked the scores. Like a couple practicing coitus interruptus, the Lions pulled it out!

  10. Barney Frank=Gay. Likes nuts.
    Rosie O'Donnell=Also gay. Likes lady parts. Or, what you call "fannies."
    Sorry for the Yankee-centric post.

  11. Even more:
    The jingle commercials for Mounds and Almond Joy go like this:
    "Sometimes, you feel like a nut.
    Sometimes you don't.
    Almond Joys have nuts.
    Mounds don't."
    These chocolate/coconut candies are identical with the exception of Almond Joys having almonds (as opposed to walnuts).
    They're actually pretty good.
    Barney and Rosie? Not so much.

  12. and sometimes you feel like a nutcase. or is that just me?

  13. In Australia our footy season is just about over not that I am a footy person.

  14. football is isnt football, football is soccer...

    if that made any sense

  15. I love that you explained that to me :)

  16. @Jo-Anne: Rex Ryan from the New York Jets is allegedly a footy person, too. But, I don't think that's the kind of "footy" to which you refer.
    @i_love_weed: Calling American football "football" is stupid. It should be called "tackle"ball (or something like that. Why it makes sense to call a sport which uses the foot almost exclusively "soccer" is beyond me. But, then again, I'm not even really sure how to use my cell phone.

  17. And here...
    I thought, when I scrolled down, after enjoying the male groping moment I would see the Queen Nut of all Nuts - Rosanne!

    Wrong nut - but still a nut!

    Cheers, Jenny

  18. While Roseanne is unquestionaby a nut, she still likes nuts (I guess).
    Rosie, on the other hand, eschews all nuts. Fuzzy or otherwise.