Monday, September 12, 2011

The Morning After

8:00 AM, September 12th, 2001
Hangar 831, Naval Air Station Keflavik, Iceland

Back to normal in a couple days.  See you then!


  1. I'm pretty sure a memorial opens today. Here's to us hopefully going another ten years, even more hopefully forever without an attack this this being committed on anyone, let alone even Americans.

  2. A thoughtful picture. See you soon. BTW: I've learned a real appreciation for toilets while I was away. :)

  3. Hubby spent a year in Greenland when he was in the Air Force.

  4. The flag I salute, but the flagpole looks like a giant fishing rod.

  5. @YeamieWaffles: Forever would be fantastic, but unfortunately we're dealing with humans :-(
    @Laila: It's what separates us from the animals.
    @Eva: I flew over Greenland a number of times and, boy howdy, what a wasteland (this coming from a guy who's been to Iceland!).
    @Tony: You're welcome.
    @MaryA: Couldna said it better!
    @Gorilla: It actually was an HF whip antenna (if you look in the background, you can see the power cords and power coupler). Since the exercise was cancelled, we no longer had a need for it.

  6. I thought the same thing as GB.
    Get home safely but not "back to normal." We wouldn't recognize you.

  7. What a moving picture.

    Stopping by from Manzy's blog to say hello.

  8. Hey Al, Stop over to my blog. I have something for you.

  9. Haha great photo, does look like a fishing pole though.
    Check me out =)

  10. @Robyn: Sadly, I think my "normal" ship has sailed.
    @My Journey: Glad you made it. Hope you stick around. Tomorrow I return to a regular post.
    @Manzanita: Thanks again!
    @Jennifer: Sure sign my memory is fading: I think I'm the one who took it. Story behind the picture: the sky is a beautiful blue, but it was frikkin' cold!
    @Jessica: Shoulda took on a charter boat.

  11. To be honest, until I saw this blog, I didn't even know there was a Naval base in Iceland. How was the weather that day? It looks windy as hell.

  12. @Andre: Thanks! I'll be stopping by "your place" as soon as my plumber leaves.
    @Kid Shuffle: It opened during WWII to guard the sea lanes between the US/UK and the USSR. Later, it was meant to keep an eye on the Soviets (they have a BIG Navy base up around the corner). Sadly, they decommissioned the place a couple years ago and last I heard the Icelanders (who have NO military) use it for a community college and maybe some low-income housing. It was a beautiful place when I was there (in spite of me being there). If you get a chance, read "Red Storm Rising" by Tom Clancy. He nails it. And, yes, it was (always is, actually) windy as hell and very chilly that day.

  13. @Andre: Your site won't let me leave a comment. But, I'm following you. What a useful blog (unlike my drivel)!