Saturday, September 17, 2011

Man Boobs Rerun

  Wouldn't you know it?  Here it is, the weekend and I'm not home.  Far be it from me to complain, though, because I'm celebrating my brother's 50th birthday at the Foxwoods Indian Casino in Connecticut.

  Ooops...sorry, I meant to say Foxwoods Native American Casino (No matter. We're going to lose our ass in wampum).

  Anyway, since I won't be able to write that much the next two days (NOTE: this is probably not too bad a deal for you), I thought I'd shoot another rerun your way.

  Notice to long-time followers (SherilinR of Laughing My Abs Off being the longest such sufferer): you've seen the below picture.  But, quite a few of you are new.  Far be it from me to deny you the chance to lose your lunch like Sherilin had.

  So, feel good about yourselves......


  1. I'm willing to bet they weren't the biggest pair of moobs on the beach.

  2. Agree with gorilla. Man boobs aren't the worst thing you could have anyway. Haven't seen it before either so I'm cool with re-runs, haha.

  3. LOL ... I loved it, or should I say them! :o)

  4. i'm such a martyr to keep coming back with all this abuse to my eyes. though, yesterday's post helps to make up for it.
    manboobs are manageable as long as they don't need a bra. i had some awful pics taken on the beach last week myself, so i'm in no position to be giving anyone else the stink eye.

  5. yeah but a REAL man defies nature and keeps his shirt off!

  6. I think he's hot; nothing wrong with man boobs!

  7. Don't lose your shirt at the casino. I mean, not unless you're wearing the bro.*
    Seinfeld reference, man bra. You got it, right?

  8. Must be an A cup. Once the man boobs reach a C or D, that's just not pretty.

  9. @Gorilla Bananas: True. Some were so big that the guys were able to hide their wallets.
    @Yeamie: That's the most naked I'll get. I don't want to be responsible for people throwing up.
    @Deborah: At least I didn't get sunburned just below my nipples (yes, men do have superfluous nipples. We have appendixes and the vice-president, too).
    @SherilinR; Still...worst day on the beach is better than the best day at work.
    @Kid: And uses popsicle sticks to prop those babies up.
    @Eva: But, it probably confuses the hell out of infants.
    @Jo-Anne: NOW you tell me.
    @Robyn: They were threatening to take my shirt. Until I warned them that, doing so would cause a stampede to the Mens' Room. They took my brother instead. Gonna miss him. betcha I got it.
    @Ruth: Now you make me curious.
    @Eeeshie: Now you know why I was sitting alone.

  10. Have you ever read Stephen King's " On Writing?" Great book. About writing. Also, you are a seriously cute bogger. Your moobs make me HAWT.

  11. Yes I have. It's actually pretty good. I think that my writing style, although not of the same high quality, is similar to his.
    Oh, and thank you. My moobs are blushing.

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