Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lest We Forget

PREDICTION:  Gets his own talk show on MSNBC with Justin Bieber, Weiner and the Bieb.

PREDICTION:  Hosts her own late-night informercial, Girls Gone Wild-Malibu.

PREDICTION:  Two and a Half Men will tube quicker than The Al Gore Comedy Hour.  Will make My Mother the Car look like Masterpiece Theater.

PREDICTION:  His career will experience a resurgence once he changes his name to Shecky Gibson.  Sadly, most people will never know the difference.

PREDICTION:  Busted for public lewdness at the 2012 Caleefornya AARP Convention.
Stars in remake of Cocoon-This Time It's Personal with Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone,  Chuck Norris, and Betty White.

PREDICTION:  Remains dead.

PREDICTION:  Uterus falls out.

PREDICTION:  Wins Blog of Note.


  1. This is definitely one of my favorite posts so far.

    Your predictions are hilarious.

    P.S "Little Al & The Twins" sounds wonderful.

  2. There's no point busting Arnie, he's already admitted to everything. "There's no fire without smoke" was his famous confession.

  3. I like the sound of Wiener and the Bieb.

  4. Was there really a show called My Mother the Car?

  5. I agree sir, your predictions are spot on, although I must admit, I would opt for, "The Bieber likes Wiener Show." That would be classic.

  6. What a fun post! and the comment from ib is priceless!

  7. Penwasser, you kill me. You nutbar. :)

  8. These are hilarious! I love Two and a Half Men, but even though I am an Ashton Kutcher fan, I'm not sure the show can survive without Charlie Sheen.

  9. Love these predictions! They are hilarious yet sadly could become true. Haha! :P

  10. Weiner and the Bieb! That is too freakin' funny, Al. Damn, now I gotta go find myself another pair of underwear!

  11. @Lemons: I am indebted to the former congressman from New York. That weiner is a comedy gold mine.
    @Gorilla: But Arnie could have done much better.
    @George: Better to only hear, but not see.
    @Tony: There seriously was. It "starred" Jerry VanDyke (brother of Dick. No, his NAME was Dick) and "Mom" was a 1928 Porter (I could be wrong about the year, though). It was positively dreadful. Like watching anything with Joy Behar.
    @ib: Yeah, that's much better! Wished I thought of that one.
    @Eva: That comment was really good.
    @Dawn: You should see me when I'm off my meds.
    @Leslie: I'm afraid that watching Two and a Half Men will be like watching a car wreck. They shoulda just put a stake in its heart and moved on to some other such "Must See TV." Like reruns of "Cop Rock."
    @Jennifer: They probably will come true. Although the only "lock" is that Warren Harding will remain dead. If not, wouldn't THAT make for great TV?
    @Nancy: I have this deal with "Hanes For Her." I help keep them in business.
    Okay, I have a choice. Either write some hilarious crap (or whatever it is I write)
    read your blogs.
    I'd rather read your blogs because that's much more fun (plus, I get to steal your ideas. Oh, nuts, did I just write that? Oh, damn! Did I just write THAT?).
    Pay not attention to what you just read.
    Gonna go read now.
    Holy crap, did I just write a post in my "Comments" section.
    I guess I DO need help.
    Seriously, I gotta go.

  12. Awesome post. I especially like the casting of Betty White in Cocoon.

  13. I would prefer to believe that such a show as Two and a Half Men never existed. Can a TV show be annulled?

  14. Dude. You're already a blog of note.

  15. I don't know, that Warren Harding is always full of surprises...dbs is right, you got bon covered...good stuff.

  16. I dunno. . .I still like Arnie. What the hell is wrong with me?

  17. @Ruth: Only in the Catholic Church. But, then again, the Catholic Board of Decency (does that even still exist and is that even the correct name? Sounds like a Super-Friends kind of thing) probably has already condemned the show.
    @dbs: Thanks, man, you're the coolest. And back atcha.
    @KingofNewYorkHacks: That's true-funny how you never see him and George Clooney in the same place. At the same time.
    @Mary: [In an Austrian accent] Because he is full of muscles, you know. Honestly, I don't mind him, either.

  18. Say, who's the blonde you predict will get her own infomercial?

  19. Lindsay Lohan, she of the "I Haven't Met a Drink I Didn't Love Club."