Thursday, August 25, 2011

This Just In

  I know, I know, you're looking at this post's title and saying, "That's what she said."

  Anyway, lucky for you, I have to go off to work (hence the need for pants this morning) so I have pretty much no time to chat with you.  Less of me=good for you.
  But, before I toddle off to regale my coworkers of tales of the summer I've just experienced (tales which you've of which you've had a regular dose for the past few months-once again, lucky you), it is incumbent upon me to let you know that Robyn Engel, she of the "Life By Chocolate" blog (which is not so cleverly named as the Nancy S. Thompson blog written by....oh, I'm sure you know by now) has written a post which is a send-up of that game show from the 1960s, The Dating Game (which to me was pretty much a sanitized meat market thing).
  Read it here:  The Mating Game

  Trust me, you'll have a laugh!

  That's it, gotta floss, gotta wash the undercarriage (I know....ewwwwwwwww), and throw on a tie (with shirt this time).

  See you tomorrow (I have Friday off-no sense getting all crazy going back to work).



  1. you said wash your undercarriage. that conjures up some rather unpleasant mental imagery. thanks for that.

  2. Oh, dear...definitely a case of tmi!

  3. You're both welcome. Sadly, it didn't take much time.

  4. Put the pants on after you wash the undercarriage... That usually helps me anyways.

  5. Oh Al, I hope you didn't leave for work yet. Listen: DO NOT, and I repeat "DO NOT", go in to work, let your pants down and point at your groin region. Okay?

  6. PS Thanks for plugging our group post. xo

  7. Hmmm... undercarriage. I don't think I have heard that one. But, that definately falls under the TMI category. But, we can always count on you for a little humor. lol

  8. @Robyn: Sorry. Too late. I hope they let me back on Monday.
    @Mrs. E: Well, it's a little undercarriage, at least.