Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just To Hold You Over

  Once more you get a delayed post (as you read this, I'm in the great Rhode Island outdoors, chasing rogue lobsters and trying to find a nice tree upon which to pee). But, instead of when I was away in the Dominican Republic, this won't be a warmed-over rehash of a rerun.  Instead, it's new material!   But, it's short new material.  Oh, well, probably makes up for that huge regurgitation of my summer vacation (funny, 'regurgitate' is something I didn't do in the DR).


  Just when you thought commercial spokespeople couldn't be more annoying, along comes Flo:

Seriously, do some women actually look like this?
  That was bad enough, but then the good folks at Progressive thought it would be much better to entice customers through the use of a 70s porn star stalker:

Don't let this man near schools
  This guy makes me want to invite that annoying Keystone Light dude, Keith Stone, over.  He may be a sketchy character with a mullet, but I think I can trust him with the kids.  Or maybe not.    
  Better I should stick with Geico.  Cavemen, geckos, smarmy pitchmen, and woodchucks chucking wood make me skeevy, but they're better than Flo or "70s Porn Star" guy.

  Hey, I found a tree........

See you Thursday!


  1. Woodchucks is definitely the best one by far! We crack up every time we see that. Flo was cute at first but now it's old news! Time to move on! Rhode Island's pretty small so be careful which tree you pick. Someone else was probably just there and they couldn't wash their hands....Ewwww.

  2. Aww...Flo kinda' grows on you after awhile, but I agree, there's something creepy about that guy!

  3. If Flo would just come over to my house, I would shut her up for you. I won't tell you how I would do that though.

  4. I have a friend that dressed up as Keith Stone for Halloween last year. Dyed his hair for it too. I don't know what he was thinkin'.

  5. i would kind of like to wear a wig & dress up as flo for a costume party. i like her eye makeup.
    have fun on your vaca, al. don't get arrested.

  6. Yeah, who cast that guy as a "suave" character? He just creeps me the hell out.

  7. OT you are naughty

    As for women looking like Flo...nope they don't and I pray that doesn't come back into fashion because I have no desire to rock lipstick that color...or lipstick in general.

    As for creepy mustache guy...that look (at least for me) is definitely not in. The 70's porno/cowboy doesn't do it for me.

  8. I've met women that look like Flo. I'll be sure to keep the remote handy for when I see creepy guy. Thanks for the warning.

  9. Hey I think 70s porn guy taught me sixth grade. Yup. That's disturbing.

  10. Geico commercials are the best. I'm so sick of Flo, too. Someone should shave her head when she's a sleep. I bet she'd still be smiling.

  11. No, Flo is still way more annoying than that porn dude. I get that she's "supposed" to be, but she's actually not annoying in a funny way, she's annoying in I-want-to-put-an-axe-through-her-head way.

  12. Annoying, yes, but you remember them! That's seems to be the only point to their marketing strategy.

    Another funny post, Al. I never get tired of your humor.

    Oh, and uh, guess what? I've nominated you for a little blog award. I realize you don't participate in these things, but I've been looking for a way to introduce you to my friends.

  13. Hi there. I just found out about your blog from the illustruous Nancy Thompson who cursed/blessed me with the Liebster award. I have become your newest follower. Glad to meet you! Holy crap! You're sitting on a toilet. LOL.

    My husband hates Flo too. LOL. Was that guy really a porn star? I love the Geico commercials...sorry,they are too funny.

  14. @Barb: Woodchucks and Lincoln never fail to make me laugh. "Hey, you dang woodchucks! Quit chuckin' my wood!!"
    @Eva: What was Progressive thinking with that guy?
    @OT: Would you need insurance?
    @Ruth: Sounds like a good idea.
    @Sherilin: Sounds like a better idea!
    @Sub Radar Mike: His first name is probably "Smarmy."
    @Jewels: Oh, thank heaven they don't. I wouldn't wear that shade of lipstick, either.
    @Shockgrubz: It's only a matter of time before you see that guy. When that happens, hit "Last" on your remote real fast. You may end up with Oprah's channel or EWTN, but you'll thank me for it.
    @dbs: That was after he was forced to leave the US.
    @Robyn: I like the GEICO ones, too. Like I told Barb, the woodchucks one is the best.
    @Violet: I love Keystone Light. Had a few while camping. Well, more than a few. Okay, a lot more.
    @Shanimals: Now THAT commercial I'd pay to see!
    @Nancy: Oh,'re RIGHT! I think Geico and Progressive owe me some money. In 15 seconds or less.
    @Laila: Welcome to the ward. That Nancy is a peach, huh? Funny thing about that Progressive guy. We saw him last night and my son mentioned to his girlfriend how he looks like a 70s porn star. His girlfriend asked him, "How much 70s porn have you seen?" He hesitated, then said, "I heard it from my dad." Silence. I just stared at the TV. My son asked, "Dad? How much have YOU seen?" I ran from the room. To throw away my VHS tapes.
    I'm thinking his girlfriend is too smart for her own good.

  15. @Nancy: I most certainly participate. I'm just a little (okay, quite a bit) slow in getting around to them. Thanks!!

  16. The sound of Flo's voice, along with her face, makes me want to poke my eyes and ears out with a sharp stick. Srsly.

  17. If you add the porn moustache to Flo she would look like a dead ringer for my aunt Agatha after “The Operation” but before the semi fatal accident involving the butter knife, the charwoman and the 1970’s Ferrari with the wonky headlight….

  18. Nice blog, I love it!

  19. I see, I'm not the only one who gets annoyed by some of these commercials. Flo is annoying. She makes me not want Progressive if I were in the market shopping for insurance. Their point is to make you remember Flo and their annoying commercial. Flo would be the annoying family member that everyone hates to see walk through the door. lol