Monday, July 4, 2011

How Many Countries Have the 4th of July?

All of them.

Happy Independence Day, my fellow Americans (yes, yes, I realize 'America' is more than the United States.  Sorry about that, Costa Rica).

Hey, England, no hard feelings, ok?  Despite Prince Charles, warm beer, and driving on the wrong side of the road (which seriously effs us all up), you guys rock.

Tomorrow:  back to our regularly scheduled yuk-fest!


  1. But you are the ones with the day off.
    Happy 4th to you

  2. Do I need to point out that it is you Americans that drive on the wrong side of the road having adopted the French way (when are the French ever right….???)

    “The French Revolution gave a huge drive to right-hand travel in Europe. Before the Revolution, the aristocracy travelled on the left, forcing the peasantry over to the right, but after the storming of the Bastille and the subsequent events, aristocrats preferred to keep a low profile and joined the peasants on the right.

    So you guys have basically joined the French peasants, if it is any help to you –

    “Visitors are informed that in the UK Motor vehicles travel on the left-hand side of the road. In the interests of safety, you are advised to practise this in your own country for a couple of weeks before attempting to drive in the UK.”

    Personally I feel the world would be a lot more fun if women drove on the right and men on the left....

  3. I didn't know we were taking after the French - I say let's start driving on the left! Of course many people I see are driving in the middle of the road . . .

  4. @Mynx: But I'd rather listen to your countrymen speak than anyone from the cast of the "Jersey Shore."
    @BL: The French? Well, that just figures. And they think Jerry Lewis is a god.
    @Sheila: They drive on the left in the US Virgin Islands. And that totally effs us up-especially when the bars close. Interestingly, they drive on the right side in Belize, formerly British Honduras. But, there IS that whole French thing......

  5. Happy 4th!

    I think I'll eat a hamburger and skip my exercise routine in honor of the Americans.

    ....Just kidding.


  6. You never need an excuse to eat a hamburger. Unless it's in honor of Hamburgerians. Or Mayor McCheese.

  7. Hey hey, stop picking on us Jersey people! hehe. Just cawz we drink cawfee and walk our dawgs and say Thoyty Thoyd and Thoyd Ave. doesn't mean we are bad people. Happy 4th of July to you Al!

  8. Enjoy Independence Day while you can, we'll be back.

  9. Thanks, Al. Same to you. This year is kind of a bummer. Honeyman has to work tonight, had to work last night so no shooting off illegal boomers this year.

  10. Happy 4th my friend!!!! Did you know that Canada doesn't have a July 4th... Nope, we call that day July 3.1!


  11. I walked right into that one.
    Have a good one.

  12. They not only drive on the wrong side, the steering wheel is on the wrong side too for crying out loud.
    Hope you had a happy 4th.

  13. @Barb: No, no, I like New Jersey. If I know what's good for me.
    @OT: Hope your day was great! I played golf. I'm not very good. In fact, I'm so bad, I would be grateful to just "suck."
    @Tony: I hope so. Someone needs to do something about Charlie Sheen and that little Weiner fella.
    @Ruth: Sorry to hear that. Like I told Oilfield, I played golf. So, that was $100 I'll never get back. But, I had a few beers. Which I chased down with several more.
    @Average Girl: LOL
    @AC: Better than walking into a door. Which I did after the aforementioned beer.
    @Anthony: You shoulda SEEN us trying to cross the street in the Virgin Islands. After a few beers. Heyyyyyy, I think I see a connection.