Monday, May 30, 2011

Is This Sign Really Necessary?

  Seriously, can you imagine anyone going up to the counter and saying, "Idaho!?  I want my potatoes from Maine, dammit! You can keep your crappy french fries."

  I suppose the only time this sign would be important is if it said, "Today's Potatoes Are From My Ass."

  Behind the scenes:  In trying to get this picture, I wandered in front of the counter holding my cell phone up as if to try to get a signal.  Pretty sly, I think.  Even if the kid at the cash register thought I was some kind of spaz.


  1. Well, a sign like this would work in China. Especially as if it was "Potatoes from AMERICA."

    Like I said, the Chinese people here are CRAZY about white people, particularly gorgeous white people, who they automatically assume are Americans.

    Sorry, Europeans or South Africans.

    Anyway, it's actually kind of interesting because it's very common to see the Chinese people staring at white people walking down the streets and some even ask for PICTURES.

    I guess that's flattering and all, but it totally annoys me because I'm Asian and the Chinese salesmen etc. IGNORE me.

    That said, "Today's Potatoes are From My Ass..."


  2. Great job with the clandestine photo-taking!

  3. it's a little blurry, why don't you go back & try taking it again, but only after you surreptitiously change the sign to say "my ass." or maybe "bob's toe jam."

  4. How was your burger? I love me some Five Guys.

    And the signs at my local chain say the same thing. But their source is always in town. It says Idaho Falls, of course, but also the name of the farm.

    If that farmer comes in, or any employees working at that particular farm, they eat for free. Lucky so-and-so's...

  5. It's important to know where potatoes come from. It saves you from Looking Stupid Syndrome. I can't tell you how many times that I've been asked where I am from and I say Iowa and I get asked "Is that where they grow the potatoes?". No, that's Idaho. Cause you just can't grow potatoes anywhere.

  6. I knew it was a Five Guys! Now I have to get hubby to take me there for lunch!

  7. Im rewriting James Joyce's Ulysses to be about Star Wars characters. Come check out the insanity.

  8. True and were your ass in Idaho, those fries would be worthy of a ginormous sign.

  9. You know Al, I'm beginning to think you have somethiing against me. You pick on Jersey and I lived in Idaho in 78-79. What's up with that? hehe

  10. @Lemons: LOL! It sounds like a Chinese nature program: "Now, here we see two prime specimens of Caucasian North Americanus stopping at a Beijing grocery store to ask directions to the closest MacDonalds. If you listen closely, we can hear the male whisper to the female, "Hey, baby, hey, baby."
    Incidentally, I absolutely marvel at your skill with the English language, the nuttiest language on the planet (apart from Klingon).
    @Kara: It actually was quite funny.
    @Sheriln: My son works at Five Guys. He said the signs are stupid. He also said "No way" he'd change it to "My Ass." Even though I'd pay him.
    @Lost: That IS kinda strange. Their sign should read "Today's Potatoes are From Where the Hell Do You Think You Are?"
    @Ruth: I always thought Iowa grew potatoes. Well, not really. Okra?
    @Eva: I love the food at Five Guys. This one is the Five Guys in King of Prussia mall.
    @Dart: I will definitely check it out. Sounds hysterical.
    @Robyn: Guarantee they'd come out long and straight. Oh, the more I think about it....EWWWWWWWWWWWW
    @Tony: At least they're not Ass Potatoes with eyes.
    @Barb: No, I like Idaho potatoes. I like Idaho. I like New Jers....hmm, no sense getting carried away.

  11. sign is ridonkulous, but their fries are the shit, yo

  12. Ass sounds like the title for a viral video on YouTube.

  13. Today's Potatoes Are From My Ass - I will be thinking this all day!

  14. Well, I can hardly wait for tomorrow's potatoes. Here's to sneaky photos.

  15. Hilarious! Im assuming a Five Guys is some soret of fast food chain?? All we have is McDonald's and Burger King - Yuck!

  16. Thanks, everyone!
    I've been out of touch for a few days and will be out of touch for a couple more. I expect to be back "online" Friday or Sunday (going to the Poconos on Saturday for my anniversary...hubba hubba).
    Talk to you soon.

  17. @Leslie: Five Guys IS a fast food joint. I'll echo Elliot: their fries ARE the shit (as opposed to being JUST shit).
    @baygirl: You're welcome! :-)
    @dbs: Or a rock group.
    @Manzanita: sneaky photos are like Five Guys' french fries: the shit.

  18. Maybe the Idaho potato people want the sign up. Potatoes are their thing, right? Yeah, that's it, it's a pride thing. I mean what else have they got? Just let them have their potatoes.

  19. Happy Anniversary Al! Eat lots of Idaho potatoes why don't ya?

  20. Wow. Why would they have a sign like that?That's like having a sign on the stethescope at the doctor's office, "Today's Stethescope is From My Upper Right-Hand Drawer!"


    Still, I found it wildly amusing. And now I'm craving french fries. Thanks ever so much.

    Peas out :P

  21. @manders: Oh, Idaho's got plenty of other things. There's the....uh...then there's, their state looks like a guy with a big nose! And it's not New Jersey. So, they have THAT going for them. Which is nice.
    @PAMO: Thanks! I'll be all spudded up for my trip to the Poconos on Saturday. Wow, that sounds kinda dirty.
    @Eeshie: Or at a Proctologist's Office: "Today's Gloved Hand Is Up Your Ass." Wow, am I fixating on the word, "Ass?" Methinks I am. Sorry. Shoulda said, "Hiney."
    To all: Should be back on my regular schedule tomorrow. Or my meds. Whichever.