Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Good ole Mom, she had her hands full.

Oh, Christ, the old man's home!  And he's gonna want to go fishing!!!!

Even if you haven't read my post on April 6th, Once Upon a Fishing Trip, I think you can get a pretty good idea how psychologically scarred we were by Dad's penchant for making us go fishing with him. But, if you DID read it (or want to  April 6th-Brought To You By the Letter 'F'), it will more adequately explain the above. 

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!


  1. which squirmy little child are you in the picture?

  2. That is such a sweet picture. I think it answers the question (the one you left in my comments section) about your age too.
    Thanks for always making me laugh, Al.

  3. I did read that hilarious post. Love this photo!

  4. @Sherilin: I'm the nearly bald little boy. Who has become the nearly bald little old man. Ahhh, life.
    @Robyn: Yep, I'm looking behind my shoulder up at the top of the hill!
    @Eva: Thanks, Eva. I kinda like it, too. My brothers hadn't made the scene yet. It's also remarkable how much my sister looks like Mom. Taken wayyyyy too early at the age of 44 in 1983. :-(

  5. Happy Mother's Day!
    Not you, Al, unless you're a mother.

  6. Wow, black and white photos....

  7. I loved getting dragged out of bed at 4am when I was 10 so that we could get to the lake when the fish were "biting."

  8. What a great photo - gotta love black and white!

    I've been looking at photos of me and my mom, it's hard to believe where the time goes.

    Then I look and my daughter and, I'm actually a mom!
    (scary thought for me, and her I'm sure!)

    Cheers, Jenny

  9. My dad liked to take us to industrial museums, Kryptonite for kids.

  10. Happy Mother's Day to your household too! Your mother is a saint!
    Every time my dad took me fishing, the boat broke down... much less interesting than your story!!!