Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gone For a Couple Days

  Hi, all!
  I don't anyone to be alarmed, but I'll be gone for a couple of days.  You see, I need to go pick up the kid who cuts my lawn in Virginia today.  Well, I don't mean my LAWN is in Virginia, but the kid is.  Damn grammar.
  I plan on leaving sometime this afternoon.  After seven hours of highway adventure (punctuated by talk radio, bad singing, and me picking my nose next to any car I find with old people), I'll get to his college sometime around midnight.  If I'm lucky, I'll get up in time the next morning for a Danish and a lukewarm cup of coffee.  I don't know the Danish girl's name, but I'm looking forward to the coffee.
  Just so you don't think I don't care (is that too many uses of the word "don't"? I had to read it a couple of times to make sure it made sense.  Kinda like a double negative thing, ya know), I've left a "Today's Vocabulary" on delayed post for Wednesday.
  Love that delayed post.  Makes you think I'm up and aware when I'm actually still drooling on a motel's pillow.
  Till Thursday...?


  1. Hehehe love the way you play with grammar. :-)

    See you around.

  2. I like the delayed post thing when it actually works instead of just sitting there.

  3. Be careful and enjoy your time away.

  4. That picture represents a typical day in the northeast traffic. Once you get below Baltimore you're good. Otherwise, brake go, brake go, brake go. Better you than me.

  5. How nice. You'll have someone to mow your lawn all summer. Have a safe, happy trip!

  6. You should try acting like you are picking your nose and then shoving your finger in your mouth. Bet you would get some reactions then! Drive safe.

  7. Have fun, just not with the Danish. You'll be missed.

  8. "the kid who cuts my lawn". Brilliant.
    Enjoy the road trip?!

  9. Hey Al, why don't you get a lawn cutter who is more local? Do you do this weekly? That's a lot of gasoline, or is it the Danish you REALLY want to pick up.

  10. Have a safe trip. The 'lawn cutter'... priceless!!!

  11. @Misha: Grampa loved playing with grammar, too. Or so she said.
    @Mynx: I drove fast and took unnecessary risks. Like everyone else. Even the State Police. I love how it's 70 mph in Virginia and West Virginia. And no tolls!
    @Ruth: And, thankfully, the delayed post worked again. I WAS asleep when it posted.
    @Oilfield: It was crazy. All these kids at college trying to move out at the same time.
    @Barb: Luckily, there was no such snarl, but there were a lot of lane closures. And an ungodly amount of truck traffic.
    @Clipped: He seemed surprised when I told him he was my landscaper. Then I gave him a rake.
    @Leslie: Done and I did. I hope the kindly old couple was okay after they ran off the road.
    @Robyn: Those Danish are so limber. And the prune Danish are pretty regular.
    @AC: And rakes my lawn. I think I still have to pick up the dog poop, though.
    @Anthony: But, those Virginians do such great work.
    @PAMO: And "Garbage Taker Outer."

  12. At least you noticed that the grammar could be misconstrued. 7 hours to Virginia? For a girl who drives 5 hours to anything, it sounds like nothing! How did it go? I'm sure your son is extremely excited to cut your lawn that is not in Virginia.

  13. @Sara: It actually went pretty well. 5 hours to anything? Wow, where do you live? My family in CT actually thinks I'm crazy for driving seven hours in one stretch. By the way, Rome is one of my all-time favorite cities-I've been there something like 5 times (once with my wife and two kids). I will be writing a blog on it sometime soon.