Sunday, May 29, 2011

Come On Eileen

Oh, I don't know....   'Come On Eileen' sounds messy.  And not a little bit dirty.

What's more, if I had a daughter named Eileen, I'd tell her not to trust anyone who didn't wear a shirt under his bib overalls.  Or socks.

I'm just sayin'...


  1. Is "Penwasser" your last name or something? I just noticed it and it's AWESOME.

    Oh yeah, and never trust anyone who's going commando. HA. (Not that I know, 'cause I'm home schooled and pathetic and I form words out of SOCKS.)

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  2. Definitely not a trustworthy-looking dude!

  3. @Lemons: Thanks. When I have the chance, I'll direct your attention to a posting I wrote a few months back detailing the origin of "Penwasser." Short story: fictional name derived from bottled water" "Alpen Wasser."
    @Eva: Yup. Real skeevy.

  4. Dangnabbit, Al, I used to like that song. Now, I can't ever listen to it again. Thanks a lot.
    Love ya! Have fun with the family.

  5. When Dexy's Midnight Runners performed their single 'Jackie Wilson Say's' on Top of the Pops the technician who organised the big screen backdrop was either very mistaken or taking the piss as it showed a huge picture of the Scottish darts player Jocky Wilson. Brilliant.

  6. This is the perfect example of loving a song until you see the video. Ahhhhh!

  7. @Lemons: My post on January 21st relays the story behind Al Penwasser. Enjoy.
    @Robyn: I can pretty much guarantee you'll never hear that song the same way again. Sorry.
    @Tony: Too funny. Was Jocky wearing a tee shirt and socks, though?
    @AC: Yep. That's why they were co....never mind.
    @Barb: That video was something wasn't it? Geez, stay outta THAT neighborhood, huh?

  8. Leave it to you Al to make that song sound very sleazy.
    Next you are going to tell me Come On Feel the Noise isn't about music either.

  9. What happened to your "Best of times worst of times entry"? Did Kevin Rowland steal it and stuff it down his dungarees (you can bet if he wasn't wearing a shirt he had probably gone commando...yuck, no wonder you did not try and retrieve it). His career ended when he started to go on stage wearing a dress.....Did the "Blog of war" start wearing a dress and I just did not notice????

  10. @Ruth: In case you ever wondered why they changed the name of the Christmas carol to "Adeste Fideles": The nuns from Saint Stanislaus got tired of me and my 8th grade classmates giggling every time we sang, "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful."
    @BL: Oh, crap! It completely slipped my mind! Sorry! This weekend has been wicked crazy with out-of-town company. This explains why my posts have been quick and not my usual thoughtful, erudite (translation: verbose) observations. You can award the winner to the other guy, if you wish. Sorry!
    @Moobeat: Thanks, Daddio.