Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blog of War Round 2

And now for something completely different....

Welcome to Round 2 of “Blog of War”

The remaining 3 competitors are going head to head with each other, having been given the task of finding a small blog (less than 20 followers)

As readers please take the time to look at all 3 entries - There was clearly a little bit of over enthusiasm in the last round, with votes being cast before all the entries had been loaded ….This is not Florida guys, or even a one party communist state….

The links to the other entries can be found - Link to Blog of War – round 2  

You have until the 21st May to vote - This is done by “following” one of the selected blogs and should be based on the job that the competitors have done in selecting a good blog and how well they have championed that blog. ….

Please note. If you happen to like more than one of the featured blogs my advice in order not to nullify your vote is go back and follow the 2nd or even 3rd blog after the 21st May)  

Best of luck to all three contestants

OK, Al here.  The rest of this blog is mine, all mine (you can probably tell by my schizophrenic style of writing).....

  Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Leslie Moon of the  Four Moons blog.
  Take a bow, Leslie.
  <>  <>
  Oh, what was I thinking?  This is supposed to be a surprise party for Leslie.  She’s probably going to be caught unawares by this homage (pronounced “ohhmahje.” See?  I can be artsy-fartsy with the best of them.  Hee hee hee...I said “fartsy.”) to her nifty little blog.
  I was first attracted to Four Moons when I thought it was a collection of stories about cheerleaders hanging out bus windows (think about it).  I have to admit that I was a tad disappointed when I checked it out, especially when there weren’t any pictures of said cheerleaders.
  Oh, well, I consoled myself, at least it wasn’t an astronomy blog.  You’d think by now I wouldn’t worry about accidentally latching on to some dude’s personal rants about the Space Program.  After all, I follow Antares Crypto and TheSuniverse.  Those two certainly don’t wax lyrical about the colonic pleasures of interstellar dust.  Although...
  Anyway, Four Moons is really a wonderful collection of tales of what it’s like to live in Middle America.  This, I suppose, is a lot like Middle Earth.  Only without the hobbits.  Or the Orcs.  Or white-bearded homosexual men with wooden staffs who ride huge birds bareback.  The homosexual, not the staff.  Although...
  Okay, it’s nothing like Middle Earth.  I hope.
  Leslie first set up her “Blogging Shop” (NOTE: Not a real thing) on January 4, 2010.  Her first post was a tiny paragraph whereby she announced she was getting into the whole blogging thing.  Plus, she mentioned something about getting some super-technical doodad on her telephone.  Like a dial tone (did I mention she’s from Arkansas?).
  I was surprised that she only has 14 followers, though, 5 of those have no profile pictures.  You know, a lot like those incognito Mafia snitches you see in silhouette on Geraldo.  Not that I have anything against the Mafia.  That would be...unwise.
  My point is that those five people may not even exist.  This would then mean Leslie wanted to pad her numbers using bogus people with names like Graham Cracker, Buster Hymen, Seymour Butts, Dick Johnson, or Al Gore.  She probably really only has something like 9 followers, including me (and I’m like an annoying neighbor).
  Hell, I even have a couple of followers with blank “Have You Seen Me?” milk carton shadow pics.  You think Elmer Fudd and Russ T. Bedsprings are real people?
  I know you want to check.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.
  Yeah, I was just joshing.  My “no picture” followers are all for real.  Even “Pacjoyseygirl.”  She probably doesn’t want to follow my blog, but she owes me money.
  My point is that it’s a shame that Leslie doesn’t have more followers.  You really should check out her blog.  Just don’t be put off by her latest post, a take on Justin Beiber.  If you can choke down your initial gag reflex, the rest of her writing is worth a look.
  I think part of the reason she doesn’t have more “fans” than she has is that it’s pretty difficult to search for a specific blog on Blogger (maybe difficult for just me, I don’t know).  Most of the time, you have to stumble onto something you like or stalk a person’s comments on another blog.  Then, when they read what you have to say, they follow you in the hopes you have cookies.  Or pictures of cheerleaders.
  Hey, I won’t judge.
  So it was (kinda) with Leslie.  She commented on one of my hideous posts (for all I know, it was the pee cream one. I’m too lazy to check).  I then followed her to Four Moons.  Her charming way of putting things made me think I was reading about a real-live person and not a blow-up piece of livestock.  Although...
  Oh and, by the way, the Four Moons name is a play on the fact that there are four members of her family.  I’m presuming they’re all named “Moon.”
  I’ve been a follower of hers for a few months and it wasn’t until last week that it dawned on me what the name meant.
  I never said I was the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  If you want an entertaining slice of American Life (much less fattening than Lard Pie), please give Leslie some no-kidding living people as followers.  She doesn’t need any more refugees from the Witness Protection program
  Just don’t tell the Mafia.


  1. I popped over to check her blog.

    The first thing I saw was the most recent post... "Bieber Fever"

    Justin Bieber to me, is like sprinkling Holy Water on Vlad the Impaler.

    My eyes... they burn...

    I'll try again tomorrow, with the hopes of getting past the JayBee...

  2. Hahahahahahahahaaha.....I know. Me, too!
    As Ozzie says, "What's a Bieber?"

  3. Al- You pack so much into your writing style I absolutely love it! I will check out Leslie- she sounds like my kind of blogger.
    I too have great difficulty finding people on blogger and have to get to them exactly the way you've described.
    Thanks for the heads up! And thanks for the great laughs.
    Love, love, love the last photo of you. So funny!

  4. Thank you so much for recommending me! What a great surprise! Ironically enough I was a high school cheerleader; though I never mooned anyone from a bus window. That's not to say I never mooned anyone! Oh well, I guess now that people are going to be checking out my blog I need to get my rear end back in gear with regular posting. I have been such a slacker here lately.

  5. Oh wait you just said cheerleaders hanging out of bus windows, not mooning people from bus windows...Good grief! Im lacking in the reading comprehension department today apparently.

  6. And, wouldn't you know...I misspelled "Bieber." I think it's a subconscious thing.

  7. @PAMO: Thanks. My picture looks like I sat on some uncooked pasta (NOTE: I have no idea why uncooked pasta would even be on a chair in my upstairs hallway. Just humor me).
    @Leslie: Mooning is exactly what I meant. With me, your first impression is usually spot on (always assume I will take the sophomoric road). said you were a cheerleader and you "need to get your rear end back in gear." Just make sure it's not from a bus. See there, I did it again.

  8. I'll check it out as I can sympathize with few followers. Up until about 2 months ago i was stuck at 13 and 4 of those were my parents not clicking right. I think there on there 5 times now.LOL

  9. I just got here and now you're sending me away again.
    Nice pic, you don't look that crazy.

    P.S. lol. "colonics of interstellar dust". Marketing idea.

    P.P.S. It's not an astronomy blog, but we are all floating in space.

  10. Oh Al, I've missed your humour and am happy to be back in the land of bloggers again. to check out Leslie's site.

  11. No offense, but that picture is as funny as your writing.
    I'll go check Leslie's blog out.

  12. @Bushman: I'm not even sure my followers with no pictures are even still alive (except pacjoyseygirl)
    @AC: Now I wish I had put a link to your blog! But, it was close to midnight and I was tired. "All floating in space." Very very profound-You make me laugh, you make me think.
    @Kara: We missed you!
    @Robyn: No offense taken. I'm tossing around a blog idea in my pea brain. Yesterday, I noticed how much of a turkey's wattle my neck looks like as I sashay towards my mid-50s (I'm not positive I wrote that even close to grammatically correct). It's like Rosie O'Donnell in a thong-not pretty

  13. Looks like you will make the final as Suniverse has selected a blogger who's follower section does not work....

    No wait that sounds terrible, what I intended to say was “a good effort and worthy of the final…..”

    Did I get away with it?

    What do you mean the type live button is still on?....

  14. @Dr. Heckle: Profit?
    @BL: Let me take this opportunity to express how honored...nay...humbled I am by this tribute. Please accept my....whoa whoa whoa!! What was that first thing you said?

  15. Yeah, it's just that your post title got that song stuck in my head...