Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blog of War-Is This Thing On?

Note To My Regular Followers:  I copied the below from BlackLOG, who is much more skilled at computer thingies than I (I can barely make toast).  I'm sure it will all work smashingly (is that the correct usage, my friends in Britain?).  Also, I had until May 1st to make my first posting.  Luckily, I have global time on my side, as it is still May 1st in Pennsylvania, whereas BlackLOG is asleep by now (maybe).  Hope you enjoy.

Welcome to Round 1 of “Blog of War”

6 competitors are going head to head with each other, having been given the task of reviewing the site of one of their fellow competitors.

As readers please take the time to look at all 6 entries before deciding which review you think has done the best job  

Below you can find a link to the voting page and how to see the other 5 entries

You have until the 7th  of May to vote – after which time the blogger with the fewest votes gets to take the long walk off a short pier….

 Okay, Al here.  On to my first foray into the Blog of War: "Suniverse"

    I’ve been invited by BlackLOG over at
BlackLOG (head there now before-oh, what the heck am I doing???  Not NOW.  Later.  After you read this.) to participate in the Blog of War, a great way of getting to know each other.
    Part of what each competitor is required to do (besides bring a covered dish to share) is review another contestant’s blog.  Our reviews will then be voted upon by others in the blogging community by way of comments (I think) and accessing a link...somewhere. 
    After that, those who’ve garnered the most votes head onto Round 2 where we do...something.  Geez, I really need to read directions.  You see, this is the kind of slack attention to detail that resulted in my finishing the A-Z Challenge half a week before people who actually read the fine print.  Whereas, I...uh, now what was I talking about?
    Oh, yeah.  Blog of War.
    Anyway, BlackLOG (“BL” to his friends.  Maybe.  Who knows?  At any rate, it’s “BL” to those too lazy to type his entire name) assigned me Suniverse. 
    Oh, great, I thought, I’ve drawn an astronomy blog.  I dreaded having to read about asteroids, dust clouds, quasars, and cosmic ectoplasm (NOTE: I made that one up.  See how much astronomy I know?). 
    Although I have to admit I was kinda jazzed about learning about the Big Bang.  Until I found out it had nothing to do with the Playboy Mansion.
    Still, I made a commitment, so I clicked on the link “BL” sent me.  I tried for several days to figure out what the heck “Suniverse” was all about.  I couldn’t understand a thing because it was written entirely in Korean (or Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, New Jersey, Burmese, or Mongolian.  I don’t know-it’s all Greek to me.  And I don’t speak Greek).
    FULL DISCLOSURE:  I readily admit that a person from China would be MUCH more capable of making himself understood in the United States than I would in Beijing.  Sadly, my fluency with all things “Chinese” extends to take-out and Walmart.
    Then, I thought to try “The Suniverse,” instead.  My train of thought was that, like BlackLOG (whose address includes a “the”), Suniverse also had to use “the” because some dude in Asia already co-opted the simple “Suniverse” label. 
    Well, lo and behold, I was right (which happens about as often as strip poker at Buckingham Palace).  Not only did I stumble upon what had to be the correct site, I also discovered a blog that is really, really funny.
    Before I get into a review which, knowing my history, will take many more words than is necessary, let me give you the address: The Suniverse  Do yourself a favor and go check it out.  AFTER you read my Pulitzer Prize winning review, of course.
    Suniverse prefers to remain “sunonymous,” which I think is incredibly clever.  The only problem with this modus operandi (Latin for “way of doing stuff”) is that I have no idea whether Suniverse is a dude, dudette, or Lady GaGa.  So, I’ll just use the nom-de-blog of “Sunny.”
    Sunny has a take on life which is laugh out loud funny. 
    The first posting I saw was a wrap-up of the week just past.  Included in this was a comment that maybe he/she/Elton had heard something about a wedding going on.  As some of you may know, “the” wedding has been a sticking point with me, especially since I didn’t get an invitation after I rented a powder-blue tuxedo.
    The post before that had several gift suggestions for the happy couple.  The really sad thing, though, is there are a couple of items I wouldn’t mind having myself.  But, hey, I’m just a low-class colonial who digs “dogs playing poker” tapestries.
    As I dug deeper (an unfortunate phrase), I read about butt cracks, which included a shot of David Beckham’s goal area (if you’re into that kind of thing).  This lead me to suspect that Sunny is a woman.  Or a man with a “festive” way of expressing himself (if you know what I mean).
    The thing I most admire about Sunny, though, was that he/she/Nathan Lane knew how to put links in his/her/its blog.  This is fantastic!  I’m lucky to know how to put my blog into my blog, let alone links.
    The Suniverse is a perfect venue for anyone who wants to plagiarize be inspired.
    The very best aspect of the Blog of War is that it gives me the opportunity to read what other people think.  I’m not sure I would have come across Sunny if not for this competition (where we all win a participation trophy because there are no losers in life!  Okay,!).
    I feel very fortunate that I can now count myself as a stalker follower of this blog.  You should become one, too.  Follower, not stalker.
    Remember, it’s The Suniverse-accept no substitutes!
    Unless you want to order take-out.

    OK, time to go figure out how to post this.       


  1. Oh, I'm already a proud stalker, uh, I mean follower :)

  2. David Beckham's goal area? I'm there...well, I will be in a few clicks.

  3. @Lady E: And I'm very happy that you are!
    @Kara: Yeah, he works out.

  4. Hmm I have heard of this blog o war.

  5. I have never heard of this blog of war.. not sure if I'm up to it so soon after the A to Z! I'm sure you will do great

  6. al, this post makes me like you even more. you're very weird & full of apparent self-deprecating bullshnikey. i will vote for you, you one eyed wack-a-doodle.

  7. You got my vote whatever you say or do, Al. But I'll go check out the Suniverse and attempt to be unbiased.

  8. Ok, maybe it's the rootbeer vodka talking, but I'm a little dizzy after this one.

    Yet, I like it. So rock on.

  9. I'm going to check this out now!

  10. Oh how I wish that I had fixed the draw and got you to review the BlacKLOG. Fantastic job sir/madam/Bog George. If I had a do over I would ....No wait hang on a second, who am I trying to kid, if I had a do over I would never have launched the damn Blog of War….. It is only that Idaho, Suniverse and you have done such a great job that stops me from stopping the proceedings....

  11. @Oilfield: It's all the rage!
    @baygirl: The best thing is that you only have to vote. For me.
    @Sherilin: "one eyed wack-a-doodle." That is TOO funny!
    @Robyn: Lost In Idahos' review is pretty good. I haven't checked the others, yet. I'm just tending to my "peeps" right now (which includes you).
    @Lost: Loved your review. I'm glad you really don't hold the Yankees thing too much against me. Or do you?
    @Eva: Was it the David Beckham plug?
    @BlackLOG: Thanks! Please don't stop-it's great meeting people.