Monday, April 25, 2011

As Requested By PAMO-An Addendum To 'W'

So, blame her.

  Every year since 1975 (I know, quite a few of you weren't even born then), my brothers, cousins, anyone we could convince to walk in from off the street, and I competed against one another in an annual Wiffleball Tournament.
  The winner of said tournament would win the oh-so-classy trophy pictured above.  Then he (or she-my daughter has played in the last few tourneys) would host the following year's competition.  According to one of my brothers (you know him as 'Gary'), it was kinda like hosting the Olympics.  Your home is swarmed by all these people eating your food and drinking your beer (especially those smarty-pants from East Germany).  I suspect this attitude lead him to complain of a knee injury a couple years back.  This resulted in me winning by default and him coming in second.
  Hmm....seems too convenient, if you ask me.
  I really don't know which is sadder:
1.  The fact that we actually have a trophy for this (I still have it).
2.  Last year, one of my other brothers (you know him as 'Phil') and I "retired" from this contest because it got too tough to recover (yeah, imagine that).  So, now me and the other old-timer just play team wiffleball during family get-togethers.
  And reminisce about the time Gary weenied out of playing me in the 2008 Championship Game.

Thanks, PAMO!


  1. That is just cool. It is shame yall don't play anymore.

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  3. so that means you're the reigning champ since you still hold the trophy. nice work, cheif!

  4. @OT: we still play, although the tournament is a thing of the past (34 years is still quite a run). Mostly, we all play together in teams.
    @Barb: Hey, it kept us off the streets (unless we played ON the street).
    @Core: you go yard on a sweet meatball pitch from your brother,

  5. @Sherilin: Actually, my son is the reigning champ (he's won 2 of the past 3 tournaments). He's part of the reason we "retired." NOBODY could touch the kid. Kinda sad, in a way. He doesn't have the corps of players that we had growing up. But, he'll always have his name written on the trophy.

  6. Yeah Al!!!So cool!!! I think it's wonderful to have a trophy like that and the history around it is amazing. Really, I'm a bit overcome with envy.

    Thank you so much for posting this photo!!! I think this shows why Wiffleball should never be banned!!!

  7. More unsolicited history....our stepfather was "old school" wiffleball. He entered our league in the 70s and taught us how he played it while growing up in West Haven CT. He had his own (ancient) wooden bat which had electrical tape on the handle. I thought the man would cry when it was accidentally broken by some foul miscreant who didn't 'fess up (no, it wasn't me). In his prime, not a one of us could beat him.

  8. Our neighborhood did the same thing in an empty lot except it was with a tennis ball and the only trophy was gloating. Miss those days. Thanks for digging up some good ole times!

  9. Hey, a trophy is a trophy. I don't care how you got it, as long as it wasn't a "for participating" thing!

  10. @Bushman: the trophy was a little over the top, but we liked it!
    @Eva: Oh, it was. We even held one tournament in Lisbon Falls.
    @Tony: Pitch little plastic ball, see little plastic ball, hit little plastic ball. Doesn't get all that more complicated than that. We tried playing in Iceland, but it was wayyyyyy too windy.
    @Krissy: Yeah, we earned it. We even had a trophy for second place, called "The Blind Squirrel" The reason we called it that is that "even a blind squirrel can find a nut some times". Or, in our case, win 2nd place.

  11. What a great family tradition. Sure beats the Shoe Toss popular at my family gatherings!