Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25th-Brought To You By the Letter 'Y'

Ya’ll Come Back Now, Ya Hear?

    Hard to believe, but the A-Z Challenge is just about over.  Oh, sure, I still have ‘Z’ to do, but it’s going to be a quick cartoon that I thought of while trying to feign interest in biology class (in fact, I awarded it to the teacher.  Who promptly awarded me with a ‘D.’  I wonder if that was a reflection of my work in class or my cartoon?  No matter).
    That being the case, I really won’t have much of chance to say “thank you” to all of you who (or is that “whom?”  Better ask my English teacher) took the time to read my verbal diarrhea and, more, saw fit to comment on same.  For those “You suck!” comments, it was a snap to have them deleted.   
    And to put a flaming bag of dog poop on your front porch.
    I learned quite a bit over the past 25 days: how “delayed posting” is a boon for procrastinators, that there are 26 letters in the alphabet (I always forget ‘Q’...maybe because, in Scrabble, you rarely use it without a ‘U’), my invitation to the Royal Wedding won’t be forthcoming, and that there are a WHOLE BUNCH of talented bloggers out there.
    You put me to shame.  I feel privileged to have gotten to know you and (heaven help you) struck up a cyber-relationship with a few(you know who you are).
    For my old followers (including Mom), thanks for hanging in there with me.  It’s not easy reading about Old Man Toe, colonoscopies, piss cream, and vasectomies, I know.  Look on the bright side, though.  At least it isn’t happening to you.
    For my new followers, thanks for stopping by.  I hope to give you a laugh every so often (if nothing else, take a look at my picture.  Hey, I bathed.).
    I’d like to give a shout-out to Arlee Bird from Tossing It Out.  If it wasn’t for him, many of you wouldn’t have gotten a chance to know me.  Any hate mail may be sent to him at
    To the rest of you happy campers, as Elvis said, “Thank you, thank you very much.”
    In any case, just so the title makes sense...
    “Ya’ll come back now, ya hear.”
    May as well.  Don’t cost nothin’....

Best fishes,


  1. Thank YOU Al! It's been a joy to read your ramblings. Love the pic of you by the way.
    And you know I'll be back- you are a joy.

  2. I'm getting a visual of you sporting your blue "how can I help you" vest, sneaking up to someone's front porch, dropping the flaming bag of poo and then high tailing it out of there!

  3. I always say yall and people get mad at me. Hmmm....

  4. @PAMO: Whew! My pic didn't drive you to insanity!
    @Leslie: Guilty as charged.
    @OT: I reckon they can stick a polecat in their pants (I don't know what that means). You live in Houston...I would think "ya'll" is the "Lingua Franca" there (I also don't really know what that means, either). I live within a body dump throw of New Jersey where "youse guys" is the language of public discourse.

  5. Ya'll in the south is so common but I just can't stand it when a northerner moves down here and puts on a fake southern accent. Drives me batty.

  6. That's why I usually say "You guys." I don't really say, "Y'all" much. Although, soon after I joined the Navy, my brothers said that I spoke with a Southern accent. They, of course, were nuts. But, my mother reminded them that I DIDN'T speak the soft drawl of the people who fought the "War of Northern Aggression" (this is what my sister-in-law from Alabama calls the Civil War. Not for nothin', I agree with her). She said I spoke in a "Navy" accent.
    Do you guys reckon she was right?

  7. Like I said the other day; you really have a talent for humorous writing! I enjoy your posts and look forward to them!

  8. I love flaming poop on my porch! Wait, I meant your porch... haha ;)

  9. this old follower is here to stay, please don't put poo bags on my porch.

  10. :-) NOTE: Emoticon for :-D
    Personal Observation: You may be one of my longest following followers. Award yourself a prize!

  11. What a great post - I could feel "sentimental Al" shining through.

    It has indeed been a pleasure reading your writings and laughing (mostly laughing) but just because this A-Z Challenge is coming to a close doesn't mean you can fade off into the sunset...

    Is there something you're not telling us - like winning a major lottery and you're blowing this pop stand...

    There is life after Zed - that's what it's called her in Canuck land, so get typing.

    Cheers, Jenny

  12. i hearby award myself the "sticks like a leech" award for being a faithful follower & regular commenter.

  13. Dude, you have put us all to shame! How did you get through Y so quickly - with such hearty posts? Psst, will you take care of V-Z for me? I'll send you some chocolate or urrea.
    Love ya, Al.

  14. Well I'm new here but I think you have a pretty good spot. Looking forward to more posts

  15. @Dr. H: so THAT was you!
    @Jenny: thanks! No, no intention on riding off in the sunset. I still have a couple posts percolating in my pea brain. I plan on breaking up the longer ones to spare you all the hassle of reading word after word after word.
    @Sherilin: But, a GOOD leech.
    @Robyn: I got to 'Y' so fast because I didn't bother to pay attention to the fact we weren't supposed to write on Sundays. Frankly, though, I've been impressed that you could come up with so many characters (I'm looking forward to who you'll use for 'X'!)
    @Bushman: Thanks! As I do you (gee, as I read it, it doesn't make sense). What I meant to say is I enjoy reading your posts, as well.
    @Eva:Means a lot coming from a talent such as yourself.