Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10th-Brought To You By the Letter 'J'

So you suffer an excruciatingly painful penile fracture (NOTE: Yeesh!!!!) after an especially enthusiastic bout of "relations."  The pharmacy is closed, your HMO doesn't cover this, and you're too embarrassed to go to the Emergency Room. What to do?  Well, Home Depot is open.


  1. Of course, you would not have recommended without first-hand experience. Meybe you can do an endorsement deal with them.

  2. You need a word verification screen so I can catch my typos.

  3. J = joint compound = penile fracture. Gotta love the way your mind works!

  4. Crack me up - here I see this photo and I'm thinking oh good a post on something relating to "repairs" - I'm always up for that kind of stuff.

    What I get instead is a "way too funny" repair "something else" post.

    You are like a "Kinder Surprise candy" I never know what's inside - but I always like it!

    Have a great Sunday,

  5. I've heard that duct tape works well also; but that would be under 'd'.

  6. @Eva: if I crack you up, I think Walgreens sells crack creme.
    @Core: if I had nickel for every boner mishap, I'd...uh...have a lot of nickels.
    @Kara: Then you'll love my entry for the letter 'Q'
    @Jenny: maybe you and Eva can split the cost of the Crack Creme. Also, Home Depot sells Crack Filler.
    @OT: not when it happened, though.
    @Clipped: Duct Tape can fix everything from a broken heart to the crack of dawn. Ooooh, there's that "crack" crack again. I crack me up. Heyyyy, did it again.

  7. Joint compound. I thought that was where they stored all the legal medical marijuana that was rolled for the pharmacies? Guess I was wrong.