Friday, March 4, 2011

If You Would Have Wood

When Ken wants to get busy with Barbie
When that little blue pill just doesn't get it done fast enough
Hopefully, it works
But, just in case you need a little "jump-start"

Or something stronger

If nothing comes up (pardon the pun) you may have to pay them a visit

Or you can always follow the truck


  1. I hope writing this wasn't too "hard on" you!!! haha

  2. Objects in mirror may appear larger than they are.

  3. Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.

  4. It's good to have wood, as a friend once said to me...frankly I'm still running....

    I hope this wasn't too stiff a task for you...I say with all the innocence I can muster…

  5. @Barb: When I'm pressed for time, it's always easy to post a few pictures and write a few snappy comments. It gives me a blogger woody.
    @Antares: That's sorta why I like my bifocals. They make everything look larger.
    @Oilfield: I'm like Pinocchio that way.
    @dbs: It's how I got good at it. I practice a lot when I'm alone.
    @BL: Reminds me of a story (what doesn't?). My brother once asked me what I pay for a cord of wood. I replied that "I get wood from a guy every year for $150." Always advisable to choose one's words carefully.

  6. What, no signs from building sites with the word 'Erections' on them?