Friday, February 18, 2011

This'll Be a Quick One

  First,  I'll save any wiseguy from saying, "Hey, isn't that what you said to your wife on your wedding night"?
  OK, got it out of your system?  Laugh clown, laugh.

  I actually need to go drain my hot tub (no, that is NOT a euphemism).  Due to a lack of diligence on my part this winter, the water smells like feet.  Kinda puts a damper on that whole "relaxing warm, soothing soak" thing.  Unless you have a foot fetish.  Hey, I won't judge.

  Anyway, in recognition of the coming Easter season (yes I know, it's not even Presidents Day, that most festive time of year), the local convenience store has started selling something called "Butter Krak."

When I saw that, I appalled.  I thought it was would taste something like.....

  But, since I had to find out for myself (I'm funny that way), I bought one.  And found out it is nothing more than cocoanut and chocolate.  Which caused me to wonder: where's the butter? And what's with that whole 'krak' business?
  I think it's an Amish thing.
  So, if any of you are Amish and can answer my questions, please let me know.  But, then again, if you're Amish and you're reading this, then you're really not adhering to the spirit and intent of "Amishness", are you?

  Well, now that's that out of my system, time to go clean the petri dish which is attached to my deck.

Tomorrow: Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Pee 
(Inspired by BlackLOG)


  1. I feel sorry for the Amish, they don't know the joys of internet porn.

  2. They'll always have barnyard animal sex, I suppose. And the sexy sight of a girl's ankle.

  3. I've never been mooned by Ken before. *checks item off bucket-list*

  4. I thought I was the only one who was glad to get that out of the way.

  5. This is very funny! I imagine it would taste like a really good buttery toffee or something, I love butter! Its like butttaaa! Haha, any whooo, I am already looking forward to St. Patty's Day and Easter even though its only Presidents' Day weekend

  6. I'm totally jealous that you have a hot tub!

  7. @jdracecar: Even though it looks like something my dog leaves me in the yard, it actually tastes like a Mounds. Or an Almond Joy. Without the almond.
    @ Eva: The feet funk has been removed and it should be completely filled within the hour!

  8. You are krakking me up over there. Did the hot tub smell like feet covered in urea? Just wondering.
    I like the thoughtfulness you put into that second picture.
    Have a nice weekend, Al.

  9. "Krakking" me up. Nicely done!
    The hot tub-now completely filled-smelled like Feet Soup Sans Urea (thank God for small blessings at least).
    Enjoy your weekend, as well, Robyn. Don't forget to celebrate Presidents Day in style! Wear a powdered wig and breeches at the Wendys Drive-Thru.

  10. i'm thinking you can't blame the hot tub for the foot funk what with your own funky foot issues. it's bound to be all footish again pretty soon if you don't get the foot situation in hand. oh wait, you don't want it in your hands too...
    i'll shut up now.

  11. Does your daughter know you borrowed her Ken doll to bear his ass to the world? She might be upset with you if she did. lol

  12. She did wonder what I was doing with it. I just told her, "I gotta be me."
    Then, when she saw what I did with it, she told me I could just keep it. She never wanted to touch it again.

  13. @sherilin: I'm not allowed to use the hot tub. When I asked if I could just dangle my feet in it, my wife gave me a "are you frikkin' crazy??" look.
    Guess I'll just have to content myself with farting in the bathtub.