Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I thought it was illegal to eat leopard.


  1. OMG. Interesting that the Spotted Dick is next to the Processed Peas. Hope those peas don't have urea. Where do you shop, Al? I might suggest plain 'ole Safeway or Raleys.
    Thanks for the laughs, as usual.

  2. Don't worry they stopped using real leopard members a few years ago (after the 1998 leopard todger revolt) and have substituted an organically grown “Greater spotted schlong” developed in the Wang Peninsular (careful how you spell that, you would not want to offend anyone) by the great purple headed warrior himself- John Thomas, brother of Dick . It tastes almost the same but you require a special tool called a knob donger to extract it from the tin (or pecker shaft as it is known in the business).

  3. Notice what's next to the cans of Feline Phalluses: "Batchelor" peas. Kind of ironic they're next to Spotted Dick, huh?
    And I think it's suspicious that they're are called "Peas." A little too close to "Urea," if you ask me.
    Isn't that always the way? You develop a taste for something and then "THE MAN" goes ahead and ruins it by substituting an item of lesser quality.
    NOTE: I have not had the opportunity of sampling Jungle (or otherwise) penises. The above was submitted merely for its humor value (if any).

  4. Wow, that's pretty exspensive for some spotted dick. lol