Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Calling All Baseball Fans

 Since there is only one football game left (well, two, if you count the Pro Bowl. But, who really does? More now, since they moved it to the weekend before the Super Bowl. But, still...), I'm getting pumped for baseball.

  And, quite frankly, the NHL and NBA can go scratch. What's more...Golf and NASCAR...? Zzzzzzzzzz

  Anyway, I heard a discussion on the radio this morning about the relative merits of Derek Jeter versus Alex Rodriguez.  It's debatable whether ARod was a better shortstop than Jeter back in the day (statistics would seem to bear that out). And, it's also debatable whether Jeter should have moved to 3rd to make room for ARod (I'm thinking he should have) . Plus, there's some debate about who's the better player now and who is the better role model (I'm no fan of ARod, so 'nuff said).
  But, the sports guy said something which puzzled me. Now that Jeter appears to be on the decline, would it make sense to move ARod back to SS and put Jeter somewhere else? He didn't think it was a good idea because ARod's body has changed to being a 3rd baseman and couldn't play short anymore.
  Huh?  Can any of you out there explain that to me? Is it that 3rd requires you to be stronger and, thus, wouldn't have the range of a good shortstop or the ability to turn a double play?  I don't know-I'm just guessing. I would think they would be pretty interchangeable.

  This isn't meant to be a debate which could degenerate into "Yankees suck" nor an "Alex Rodriguez Steroid-A-Rama" forum.  I just would like to know why the sports guy would say that.


  Even if you're from Slovenia.


  1. Well I am no Yankees fan so I don't really care who is better. I am just glad there is another sport coming on when football ends.

  2. But that's what I mean. It isn't about the Yankees so much as why couldn't a 3rd baseman easily transition to shortstop? I can understand catcher to shortstop or 1st baseman to shortstop, but 3rd to SS, why not? Pick any team.
    Pitchers and catchers soon....

  3. I cant stand baseball. I dont really watch any pro sports unless its the NFL. MLB baseball has declined quickly in my lifetime, from that first strike in the 90's, to freakin CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS about steroids, to the yankees buying every good player every year because there is no salary cap. I watch pro and college football fall and winter, the NFL draft in spring, NFL preseason in late summer, and that pretty much gets me through the year.

  4. That's what I wanted to avoid. I should have just inserted a nameless third baseman and a nameless shortstop from a nameless team because I didn't want this to turn into a forum on the Yankees. You make good points about baseball (and the Yankees), though, and I very much respect them. I like football, as well, but it comes in 2nd place to baseball. To each his own...

  5. Shortstop is a much more difficult position to play than third base as you need much more range, have tougher throws and have to turn double plays at second. ARod is still good enough defensively that he could play shortstop and better than Jeter though that isn't saying much.

    Jeter is frankly getting too old to be a good defensive outfielder and in the near future probably won't hit well enough to be out there anyway. Frankly, I think the Yankees are stuck with him at shortstop until he retires. Still productive now because of his bat (for a shortstop) but soon this is going to be a problem for the Yankees as he declines further offensively. It could get ugly in the last couple years of that contract.

  6. I agree completely. I wish he would just retire and save an ugly situation.
    Speaking of's going to be an ugly season. Red Sox look tough and the Yankees look old. As far as the Rays, I see they got Damon and Ramirez. What sense does that make? Aren't they both defensive liabilities? How's it look for the Tigers?
    Thanks for the answer!

  7. sigh, I have absolutely nothing to add completely lacking any knowledge of most sports. But since your question was answered I don't feel too bad about leaving a rambling random comment not related to the topic at hand.

    I just wanted points for reading it.

  8. I have to air my RedSox affiliation. That is, I'm a Sox fan. Just making the disclaimer.

    I don't think 3rd and short are interchangeable for most players. I would argue that ARod's athletic and capable enough, however, to handle it. More importantly, a team can't afford a weak SS but they can probably make-do with a mediocre 3rd-baseman.

    I hate seeing really excellent ball players decline. I know it happens and I'm a bit of a baseball sentimentalist. Hell, I hate to see the roster changes season to season. Jeter is a helluva ball player, an all-around baseball stud, not just a great infielder.

  9. Thanks, Nicole. I've been saying for quite a while that the Sox are going to be super tough to beat. Won't be a Sox fan (wouldn't you lose respect for anyone who bandwagonned?) but I'll watch in awe as they probably take the division. One thing was brought to my attention which would further complicate Arod's situation: his bad hips have limited him so the better fielder at this point (Jeter) should take precedence. I hope that, when Jeter slides into the sunset, he goes as a Yankee player (hell, even Babe Ruth couldn't have claimed that). That being said, better to leave too early than too late (I'm thinking Favre may have waited one year too long)