Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Sign Your Business May Be Making a Lot of Money

  I was recently in New York City with my family to take in the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular (probably a blog all on its own).
  While there we had lunch at the ESPN Zone in Times Square.  After dinner, I had to visit the Mens' Room to...uh...um...you want me to draw you a picture?
  Anyway, while using the urinal I noticed a small flat screen TV just above the flushing handle.
  There were also TV's mounted above the stalls, but the ones over the urinal made me think the proprietors of ESPN Zone must have had some extra cash laying around and decided to throw a few over the urinals.
  Let me ask you, does ANYONE hang out (pardon the pun) at the urinals long enough to actually watch what's on the television?
  I'm jus' curious...


  1. Anything that keeps another guy from staring at my package is OK in my book...

  2. I never thought of that. Yep, good thing, then.